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Eve V: affinities with OnePlus, design collaborative and execution Scandinavian in the tablet revelation of the year

Perhaps many of you still not have heard talk of Eve, however, is very likely that in them next months are quite familiar with the brand, especially if follow the today technological with some frequency. Under that name is recognizes the start up that yesterday same put its first product to the sale, the Eve V, exhausted in 3 hours. Is is of a tablet 2 in 1 very special, whose conception arises, of way direct, of the demands of who will be their users.

It is clear that participation is a concept in boom and responds to cultures developed in our days, as well as the possibilities offered by contemporary technologies. Now, those strategies are visible in political, without go more away, the Town Hall of Madrid put in a March a budget collaborative in which, them neighbouring decide to what is going to dedicate a split of them expenses of its city. But it is not something new, since Wikipedia, GNU systems Linux or the emergence a few years of the so-called Web 2.0 or licences Creative Commons, the momentum of collective intelligences is trying to bring to all areas. The Eve V leads to that philosophy in the subject that occupies to this web, and to us, what more can tell, us excited.

So is it Eve V: processors Intel’s latest generation and large components

The features technical of the team, despite being leading, are perhaps it less noteworthy of it Eve V. The three variants of the terminal feature with a screen IGZO of 2736 by 1824 pixels, ports Thunderbolt 3, USB type C and two USB 3.0 of size full. The team has body metal and the finishes are work of a company Swedish of design: Propeller. However, the engineers behind this project are Finnish and formed part of Microsoft, specifically, of the Group of work charge of develop the Surface.

Eve V trasera metalica

Eve V caracteristicas

As we say, there are different three configurations with Intel Core processors m3, i5 and i7, 8 or 16 GB of RAM and 128, 256 and 512 gigabytes of storage. Above have the relationship of models and prices low the product always taking in has that is is of a first pulled funded by crowdfunding and that if the device arrives to them shops not can wait that your price is so adjusted. In fact, If you are interested in participating, you can do it already for the next batch, because the demand is high.

All power users in an initiative that resembles OnePlus

Almost all the components of the Eve V have been elected in the Forum of a web that enabled it start up with the intention of that them participating imagine its tablet ideal. Until they were given the option to choose between 6 different designs, and opened deliberation on all and each one of the areas of the team. For example, for the screen is chose the technology IGZO by their benefits at the time of operate with light natural, although them ports, the system of audio or the capacity of the battery were others themes of interesting discussion.

Eve V tablet windows 10 home o pro

While its collaborative component was not so developed, the way in which was born OnePlus, of the hand with the Cyanogen community, and the high demand for his first team makes us think in certain similarities. I wish Eve can achieve a success similar.


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