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Errors more common at the time of purchase into the Black Friday

While the Black Friday begins of way “official” last tomorrow, it true is that all them establishments, regardless of the type of products that sold, already are heating motors and have open it veda makes some days with the objective of get more benefits prolonging this quotes of the consumption. Online shopping channels have been the first who have anticipated the arrival of this event and are already offering a multitude of discounts all what they offer for other purpose: loyalty to the public and get get it so that you spend your money on them, since these days are an increasingly important event on the calendar and its weight when it comes to balancing the accounts of companies and businesses increases year after year.

Makes some days you had a series of references about this day imported of United States and that gives the kick of output to the campaign of Christmas. However, as every event, this also has its lights and shadows. Then you have a list with them failures more common that those users can have at the time of purchase tablets and smartphones already is in stores physical or through them portals by Internet more popular of the world.

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1. buy impulsively

When you gave some tips for remove more party to the day of the single that had place at the beginning of month, you discussed the importance of the factor psychological of them shopping. Them discounts in appearance, very high, that found both in this CITES both in the Black Friday can lead to a purchase compulsive that in a first time, generate a rise of the self-esteem to the think that is has made a good investment. However, the most recommended is to make a list of what you really need and which prioritize aspects like how much money we can spend.

2. do not compare

Many consumers flock to Web sites and establishments of trust that acquired its consumer electronics on a regular basis. However, it is possible to find deals and save a little more if we stop to look at several websites (which at all times are guaranteed and have trusted certificates) and if at the same time, between the search criteria for items, we introduce a series of filters that allow you to find products more adjusted both to tastes and pockets.

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3. failure of security

Currently there are hundreds of sites that mostly come from China. The purchase by Internet is gaining ground to steps fast and this makes that the number of crimes and scams related with these sites increase. The cheap can get expensive and sometimes, the acquisition of new terminals is through Web sites that do not offer guarantees. It best in these cases is visit only places that count with all the permissions, that are well valued by public and specialists and that have a section of rights and obligations of them consumers. Other data, if the page to which access us wants to redirect to others or us shows advertising excessive, must distrust and not buy in them. And if at the time of make them payments, we find with closures, unexpected or the formulation of issues without much sense, must cancel immediately.

4. use only networks home

In occasions, the people not can resist is to wait for buy the tablet or smartphone that longs for and this not only leads to behaviors impulsive at the time of leave of side aspects as the price, but also can carry to connect us to networks public lacking of security and in which our data can be intercepted with much ease by third users. Must have in account that at the time of purchase, not only offer information personal, but also Bank. In case of go to the portals of Internet, it better is make it from House and always with prudence.

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5 eye with prices

Finally, we ended up with a bug that has much to do with the first and the second from this list that you have presented. While sometimes we find important offerings on tablets and smartphones on Black Friday, the truth is that in many other cases, there are no significant price variations or the marks undertake a tactic based on previously raise the price of their products to get it right at this appointment and that stay with a lowered minimum with respect to the initial. Make a follow-up during several weeks of the cost of the model that US interests, us will allow know if are actually to an offer attractive or not.

As you have seen, the Black Friday can be really black for the public if you comment a series of mistakes such as those I have mentioned and which are, however, only the spearhead of all shadows that can be found during this visit. Do you think that a period of reflection by consumers is necessary to avoid all of them? Do you think that you it’s something that occurs rarely and that the majority of the public has just acquired these days everything he wants more smoothly? Have available more information related with this day as for example, some data and anecdotes about their history that can know more.

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