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Enjoy the wallpapers of Xiaomi my Mix on your mobile

Xiaomi my Mix is one of the terminals that is hogging all the current, an unexpected guest to the high-end of the end of 2016. When we thought that the last coup of the Chinese firm this year would be my Xiaomi Note 2, were yesterday surprised us by launching the prototype coming soon to stores with a screen borderless in most parts of the terminal. We can now download wallpapers of Xiaomi my Mix so that our mobile seems a little more to the surprising Chinese terminal.

Xiaomi my Mix is without a doubt your big screen 6.4-inch that have no edges or at the top or on the sides of your body. Is so outstanding this feature that so even us agree’s that the rest of your tab technical is of first.

Xiaomi Mi Mix wallpapers

Download the wallpapers from a new terminal tends to be one of the most common once it has been launched to the market, or at least announced, as is the case with my Mix. As today, that we have known the wallpapers, in stock, which will Mix my Xiaomi desks when you arrive in stores soon. Is is of three new funds of screen, that will be the main that have them Mix, in addition to others two that seems recycled of the Xiaomi my Max.

Xiaomi Mi Mix fondos de pantalla

You can have its meaning if we take into account both terminals have a 6.4-inch size, although in this case the screen Mix covers no less than 91.3% of the front of the phone. You can download the wallpapers from this link.

Xiaomi Mi Mix fondos de pantalla

Let us remember that Xiaomi Mi Mix has a first sheet, although it looks overshadowed by his spectacular display. In fact has with a processor Snapdragon 821, the same of them Mi5s and that reaches scores in AnTuTu of up to 160,000 points and 4 GB of memory RAM.

Xiaomi Mi Mix fondos de pantalla

It storage internal arrives until the 128 GB, all this within a body ceramic of little more than seven mm of thickness. Not missing a 16-Megapixel rear camera, or a great battery 4400mAh with fast charging. No doubt one of them phones more revolutionary of 2016, and that virtually no one expected. Now can bring a little more your mobile to this new terminal thanks to those funds of screen of the Xiaomi my Mix.

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