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East is the Phablet with Windows Phone 7 and 10 inch Cube, which already you can buy in Spain

From China continue to receive experiments that no large manufacturer dares. If brands as Cube are of the few that stimulate the segment of them tablets in these moments, it’s launch is with terminals with Windows Phone 10 already that seems all a daring. Thus, the company has just of put in the market the its Cube WP10, a device enormous, although with components internal modest that is can get to price of balance.

Windows Phone 10 is now a boat to it derives of which gives the impression that until Microsoft jumped makes already time. Any eccentricity as the HP with its Elite 3 X (a product with very good paint, if it were not because it works on a platform aimed at the abyss) comes out very occasionally in the media to draw any holder other than the Windows phones disappear from the map. Today you touches the shift Cube, with a terminal that has really good paint in them renders, but whose components do presage that the product goes to have benefits something limited.

Cube WP10: all to the Snapdragon 210 and a screen of 7 inch

We are confident in Qualcomm and it is also true that Windows Phone 10 is an fluid and efficient, which would have been able to compete with Android and iOS have focused the things in a different way. However, a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 210 falls us short for a “bug” as colossal. Said chip supports their performance in 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of ROM and a battery of 2,850 mAh.

Cube con Windows Phone 10 precio

The screen, factor determinant in the product, has 6,98 inch and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel. It is not a very high figure, so we understand that you have opted not to mount a “modest” battery and thus be able to fit the lines of the terminal, which has a profile of 7.5 mm; not bad for a range of input. That Yes, its weight of 248 grams is to be taken into account before you decide to purchase.

Where to buy from Spain

Coincidentally, Cube WP10 has reached Spain via AliExpress before that to any other side. Its price is spectacular: only 123 euros free shipping, but the reception will take between two and four weeks.

Lately, this online trading has been under the media spotlight, with complaint by Facua included, after announcing its warehouse in Spain. The circumstance is not always, but sometimes the distributor not undertakes to comply with the regulations of our country, which activated the consumer organization, who has alerted to relevant agencies to make measures. In the case of the Cube WP10 we will have the usual 2 year warranty for electronic items.


This article is the Phablet with Windows Phone 7 and 10 inch cube, that can already be bought in Spain was published in TabletZona.

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