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E9, the new tablet of HiSense that already has seen the light in China

In the sector of the tablets, we find a similar to the smartphones of context in it comes to the number of releases. While them companies more popular and with a greater implementation, are marketing their terminals to a lower speed and presented a quantity of devices more low during all the year, others signatures more modest based mainly in Asia, pisan the accelerator and, as you have reminded in other occasions, try to enter in the market through a drip constant of new models focused mainly to them ranges half and of input , what them gives a weight important in these segments.

Today we speak of HiSense, a firm that launched several models in the larger formats with striking features such as for example, the absence of side screens frames as it happened with Mirror during 2014 and 2015. This company Chinese would be willing to win ground during the 2017 thanks to a new device called E9 that in his country of origin already could be to the sale from end of December and of which then you have their features more outstanding. This tablet will depart with advantage or must make front, as many others, to a great competition that will limit his success in other regions?

Hisense Mirror frontal trasera


It improves of them finished is something that the greater part of the companies is taking are in serious. Either by the reduction of the dimensions or by the use of more rigid materials, the resistance is becoming a most sought-after requirement. In the case of this tablet would be talking of a housing metal in tones gold with edges without edges pronounced and that would provide a thickness that not would reach them 5 mm. Their weight, they say from GizChina, would be around 340 grams. To the contrary of what was happening with his predecessors, in E9 if we witness to the presence of a few small side frames.


The strategy of many companies Asian passes by create terminals focused mainly at the leisure. While them models 2 in 1 are occupying certain prominence in the trajectory of these companies, it true is that currently, the public prefers decant is by models more stable though are something more expensive. For trying to meet the needs of ones users that used their tablets for the music and reproduction of videos, it new of HiSense would be equipped with of a panel of 8 inch accompanied of a resolution Full HD of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Features of two cameras: A front and one rear.

hisense panel


Here we found with a series of characteristics with which them of HiSense intended to balance its new tablet. Started with a processor Snapdragon 430, that already saw the light to end of 2015 and that with its speed maximum of 1.4 Ghz, allows record videos in format Full HD and support among others, cameras whose resolution maximum scope them 21 Mpx. At the same time would have with a RAM of 3 GB and a capacity of storage initial of 32 of which of time, not have transcended more data on itself may expand is or not thanks to cards Micro SD. Benefits that it would located between it more high of the range of input and it more basic of the medium.

System operating

Of time, all it related with the software is still a mystery. While is complicated make claims about the system operating that will equip, if have in has them platforms installed of series in their last models and in them of others signatures similar, would be logical wait or Marshmallow Basic, or this member of the family of the robot green with any layer of customization developed by HiSense. However, mood that only with the marketing final of this model may reveal is this feature. On networks has not transcended details on this tablet that however, it is known that it will feature a battery whose capacity will be around the 5,500 mAh.

muñeco Xposed Framework

Availability and price

The last tablet of HiSense was launched in his country of origin at the end of December. Without, however, it is unknown if he will give the jump to Europe and if so, when it would be. The truth is that this company has if service and even catalogue of all its products through its website in several European countries. The most important online shopping portals of the world could also be other channels of sale of this model in the future. However, since GizChina not have given more details about what could be its final cost and on the other hand, the confirmation of the rest of its features.

After learning more about the tablet that this company, which already has released in the past with other larger terminals in the low-cost range, and with some smartphones within this series, do you think that it could become an option for specific groups of users who want a basic tablet for leisure, or however you think that the rise of increasingly widespread formats will end up hindering its entry? You have available more information on other older models launched by the company so that you can say to yourselves.

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