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Dozens of apps and games for Android children infected with malware

Downloading applications from the official app stores is always the best way to fight against malware and malicious applications that hide the network waiting to hunt hundreds of unsuspecting users. However, sometimes we find apps in the market of applications that can make us a strong headache. An example of this have in the discovery of several apps and games for Android children infected with malware.

Usually when we download applications from an official market, we hope to be sure that the software has been checked and is free of any malicious content hidden inside. However, although it is still the safest method to avoid problems, sometimes some apps manage to cross surrounding safety and appear in Google Play Store.

Criminals take advantage of the presence of applications and games seemingly innocent to sneak malware into our phone as well has discovered the security company from Check Point, who warns of the presence of up to 40 apps in the Play Store, most apps and games for children, infected with the virus “DressCode”.

app dress up princess

Laps with the Android malware

This known malware automatically generates a network of bots used by attackers to route traffic through them. In this case the cybercriminals used to generate clicks on false ads, collecting revenue by advertising.  However, a network of bots can be used for much more serious attacks, such as access to servers and files business without having the user or victim proof of this.

Google already has been informed of the application infected and very probably soon disappear. Interestingly most of time the hook was apps and games for kids on Android as Dress Up Princess Apple White. If you have this application installed on your phone we encourage you to delete it as soon as possible.

In the following video security company shows users which is the operation of this network of bots that appears in infected applications:

The same company also detected hundreds of applications with the same malware that staying in unofficial alternative markets, allowing us to remember in a timely manner the important thing is always download apps from their respective markets officers, whether it’s App Store or Google Play Store.

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