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Download wallpapers QHD and 4 K for your mobile phone with Wallhaven

Regardless of the issues and other applications which allow us to configure our smartphone more thoroughly, the choice of the wallpaper is one of those simple actions, but noticeable visual effect. We can find hundreds of applications that offer us the ability to download wallpapers. However, the newly arrival Wallhaven us has result very simple, fast, but mostly with some filters very effective to find those funds of screen QHD and 4 K, besides others resolutions more common.

Many comply with the selection of wallpapers included by the manufacturer in the Gallery of the phone. Others many opt for photos own for set of background to their beings dear and pets. However, there is another large percentage of users who seek more certain wallpapers, either by the style of its design, three-dimensional or effects, to a greater degree, by its resolution so that adapts perfectly to the screen of the smartphone.

Wallpaper of all types for your smartphone

For these last, the Wallhaven app stands as a useful tool. Newly arrival to Google Play, is is of an application with an interface without stridency, but elegant and effective in its rushed; that not is another that list of form accurately the funds of screen.

These are can list under a series of criteria that us will facilitate the search of the wallpaper perfect for our Fund of screen, screen of lock or both. Favorite, last in be uploaded to the network, the more visited, among other categories. Also, includes a search engine and another section in which appear the funds downloads previously.

However, perhaps the most useful section on Wallhaven is which is placed on the left side of the interface of the app. In said paragraph have of a series of filters with which we can select the resolution of them funds of screen. This is one of the major utilities from the application, which removes the wallpaper of the portal, although the interface of this software makes easier access from the mobile.

Download wallpapers QHD and 4K

As already stated, with this series of filters is very easy to find a great variety of wallpapers QHD and 4 K, two of the resolutions not so frequent in smartphones, reason for which may be somewhat more difficult to find; at least with the right quality to enjoy them in such a resolution screens.

Similarly, Wallhaven provides access to other more common resolutions like the 1280 x 720 pixels or resolution FHD 1080 p. A time chosen the Fund, the app us allows download it automatically or set it as bottom of screen.

You can download Wallhaven from Google Play free of charge from the following link.

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