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Download FIFA 17 Companion and manage your team and players with the mobile

The PS4, XBOX One or PC games already not only remain in our lounge or bedroom television, increasingly use more mobile to complement elements that do not need to be with the remote control in your hands to enjoy those aspects. To get all this and more, download FIFA 17 Companion, the app that complements the expected title of EA Sport, and you can have full control of your team in the game from the mobile.

Surely you are one of those who download FIFA 17 on your PS4, Xbox One or PC, digital sales of this title will be available before the physics – although already has been released in North America-, you’ll be interested in having also on your mobile FIFA 17 Companion. It’s the app that will complement the EA Sports title – don’t talk about the version of the sports Simulator that is now available for weeks-:

Download FIFA 17 Companion and do not have to be in the console to make signings

If someone download FIFA 17 Companion now, little will be able to do since it is necessary to have the game installed. Once we have this needs to link to an EA account and, in addition, create a team in FIFA Ultimate Team on the console. With these Wicker already we can take advantage of all that gives him the app offering EA Sports on this new version of FIFA 17.

pantallas de la app fifa 17 companion

And is that can manage them options that longer lead us in the console now way to work or on a break at the faculty. We talked about the transfer market control or manage our staff. Us allows, among other things, redeem envelopes with coins or FIFA Points directly from a mobile or tablet. All much easier to do it from the computer or console. I.e., it offers us anywhere the whole simulation of leagues, clubs and teams that both engages, especially when we take these envelopes bronze, silver and gold in the game.

pantallas de la app fifa 17 companion

Movements, new signings, prices of players to buy them when they are most profitable, is everything that allows us to FIFA 17 Companion app to make then, to sit on our couch, what prime have fun throwing these parties to the FIFA that we like.

The FIFA 17 download will be available on September 29 and, a few hours later, reach the game stores (although the Xbox One players have a few hours ahead of this deadline since they are running after the launch in North America, which will take place tomorrow, September 27). So if you want to be prepared to enjoy the game, even if the early days not hours that you would like to can take you, here are the download links of the app for iOS and Android.

WP-Appbox: FIFA 17 Companion (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 Companion (free, App Store) →

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