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Download Cloobing Android app and book paddle from the mobile

Already we have spoken in one than another chance to Cloobing, the new project of the CEO of the Group ADSLZone Javier Sanz and his mate Borja Rodriguez, who after more than two years of hard work have given birth this new service for athletes. Now, after its website, at last we receive with open arms Cloobing for Androidapp.

Cloobing was created with a simple goal: offer to the millions of athletes in our country one place where to find information, opinions, offers, contact details and the possibility of reserving paddle courts, soccer or basketball from one place. A place that can be accessed from the Internet, or by downloading the new app that now comes to the Google Apps marketplace.

To enjoy all the advantages that offers Cloobing for Android already you can download your application for free from Google Play Store and discover all the details of the sports centres, golf courses and paddle tennis courts in your area.

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Book paddle tennis courts, golf courses, and gyms with Cloobing

The application of Cloobing for Android offers the same appearance as the web version of the system ( with the convenience of access to all content adapted for viewing on smartphone. Simply access the service by entering your email or password, or make use of the Facebook credentials to save time. This will give you access to more than 3,000 sports centers of our country in the Cloobing database.

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Every day that passes this number of enclosures is growing thanks to the work of the professionals who are hiding behind Cloobing, but above all to help all users who make use of the application and pouring their opinions on it, helping among if. And is that the accurate implementation of the collaboration of all those athletes who attend these facilities to build up the widest possible user of them.

Downloading the application from the Play Store or from you can check the long list of paddle tennis courts, golf and gyms that you can go to enjoy a fun day of sports with your friends, or to train individually.

Growing day by day

Logically, to the be an application so young, is possible that not find in she too many offers in what regard to gyms or centers sports, but after some weeks of use discover as this paragraph of Cloobing grows as the foam and, besides make use of them data of contact that appear in the tab of each Center sports, can book directly from the application taking advantage of them offers that in she is displayed.


We encourage you to download the application and reports through the system of Google Play Store reviews possible failures that you may find or improvements that you integrarías in the system. If it is also possible we encourage you qualify the application according to your own criteria.

To be fully abreast of updates of Cloobing for Android application we recommend you follow the news from the Cloobing Twitter and become fans of your page on Facebook.

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