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Download and install the new version of the application Google contacts

An of the applications that is used of form usual in any terminal with system operating Android is which allows you to manage them contacts . As well, the development of this type that offers Google is updated with news interesting that is possible get now if wait for the corresponding notice from Play Store.

The truth is that this is a development that surprised that it is not improved more regularly, so every time you get a new version is good news. In this case, the specific that can be achieved is the 1.5.16 and in it, there is improving both organizational as in the Google contacts interface. Have them you.

Google is preparing an update for Android Nougat and would include as Android 7.1

In what refers to the aspect that offers development, this is now more intuitive and appealing, being much more “Material Design” than before. In addition, the two tabs in which you could see the contacts that have are already history and, now, there’s a sidebar much more recognizable with the Android operating system. Some added interesting here is the management of them duplicate-that, indeed, is managed now of a form much more efficient- or the can use the different surveys that is have installed with a selection fast simple.

Nuevo menú lateral de los Contactos de Google

Best settings and download

This is another of the options that there is in the new version of contacts of Google, where the power use tags is referred. Now, the options to customize the development are more numerous and adequate, with an organization much more logical what allows that the applications is more efficient. As well, options such as the format of the name which is used or how they are sorted is something that is possible.

Apartado duplicados en los Contactos de Google

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If not want to wait to get the new version of this development, you can use this link for d relevant APK download and proceed to manual installation. This is so simple as press in the file downloaded and follow those steps with total confidence since it signs of Google is present in the application contacts. By the way, it is necessary to activate the unknown sources and the Spanish language is the starting.

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