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Download and install Lineage YOU 14.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

We saw last week how, practically shortly after halted the project of CyanogenMod, they began to proliferate the first custom ROM which will replace the popular AOSP firmware. As well, after get to teams of LG and OnePlus, among others, now also is possible download and install Lineage YOU 14.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Official Android 7.1.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is about to candy. In fact, today some users have been selectively in its Galaxy S7 security update patch January 2017 that actually hid the OTA with Android Nougat. Also there are ROM custom based in the latest versions Beta under the program of tests of the manufacturer that ended the last 30 of December. On the other hand, there is another alternative one to enjoy the flavor of the nougat of Google, but with the seasoning of the extinct CyanogenMod.

14.1 OS lineage for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

And it is that it is now already possible to install the first ROM Lineage OS 14.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (and the flat version). However, first of all, necessary stress that in reality it is the unofficial version, that create alternative developers with the code source of the project. Also, is a version very recent which is prone to show errors, even with possibility of not start from home. Therefore, before anything, if are willing to try the low risk and has own, searched of make a copy of security of the system.Fecha de actualización oficial para el Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge con Nougat confirmada

A time cleared the terms, go to the action. The process of installation of Lineage YOU 14.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the first ROM not official based in Android 7.1 Nougat, passes by the download of it own ROM for the version with processor Exynos. You can find said file from this server. Also, require the installation of the GApps to Nougat and the GApps specific for Lineage I.

Installation process

Now we have to transfer both files to the memory of the phone to proceed with your installation from the recovery. In this respect, you have to know that it is necessary to have an alternative as TWRP or CWM recovery.

Once inside of the recovery, we proceed with the usual Wipe when installing a custom ROM, like Wipe data, cache Wipe, Wipe dalvik cache and Format system.

Now already are in disposition of installing both the ROM as the GApps. Once reboot back to the recovery and install the GApps OS Lineage.

After the complete installation process, restart, we will have in our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the first Lineage ROM OS 14.1. That Yes, remember that is is from a version not stable and is susceptible of errors known. Namely, GPS, NFC and fingerprint sensor failures, although cases that have been detected not even boot ROM. Therefore, we insist that, if you decide to install a ROM, you create a copy of your system before with the recovery.

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