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Doogee presents a new phablet that bet by design

Yesterday I talked about how Live has been consolidated as one of the manufacturers with the largest number of units sold worldwide. On the other hand, I also told how the technology china had launched almost by surprise one of its latest models the year in order to stay ahead of its rivals, and on the other hand, offer an alternative more than face to purchases at the end of the 2016 campaigns and that will have a major impact on the results which will be presented during the first months of 2017. However, it is not the only one who is stepping on the accelerator during these weeks since another compatriot, in this case Doogee, is also willing to get good numbers during the Christmas holidays through the launch of two new models.

This brand, which in its country of origin has a considerable presence and which has managed to make the leap abroad in recent years, attempts to ensure a leading position both in the input range and the media through models such as the X 9 and X 9 Pro. Then you will have more details on this last and, through their features, will try to see how could place is in a segment of terminals that is defined by be the field of battle of tens of signatures of all the world and in which there is an offer of devices much more high that in the rest of sectors.

doogee t6 pro sensor


With a finish that aim to position themselves at the height of the Premium, the X 9 models Pro is equipped with a metal roof that combines tempered glassfront. This alloy, is intended to give more resistance to all the terminal as a whole, but in particular, to the screen. Another most striking aspect in this sense comes from the hand of the init system DTouch, characterized by composing a single button on the front that removes the three existing on all Android devices, allowing in this case, open the menus and also back between them from the same command using pulses of different strength and duration as is already usual It has a fingerprint reader.


In this field, we find balanced characteristics if we take into account the price of the terminal that you will have a few lines further down. Accompanied by a HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels 5.5 inch Panel. In the field of cameras, two sensors: one 5 megapixel front and one rear 8 are not the highest in the market but that allow the capture of clear images provided they are not made in environments with extreme light conditions as is the case with most phablets on the market.

doogee x9 pro sensor


When it comes to speak of other devices Made in China belonging to the range of input and the media, I have mentioned that MediaTek is responsible for giving them processors. In the case of the new Doogee, both in the 9 X 9 X Pro, the company is also responsible for supply the chips. The latter boasts a MT6737 of quad-core and reaches maximum speeds of 1.3 Ghz. It has a 2 GB RAM and an initial capacity of 16 which can be expanded using Micro SD cards.

Operating system

Android Marshmallow continues to grow its share and the 9 X Pro is another example. In addition to the penultimate version of the software of the Green robot, the Doogee smartphone is ready to support 3 G networks although it is unknown if it will also be prepared for other types of connections such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Autonomy, which can overcome the day through some features of the software and image properties that are not leading, but balanced, comes from the hand of a 3,000 mAh battery, within the average.

doogee x9 pro blanco

Availability and price

Presented a few hours ago, the logical thing would be, as we mentioned before, the next two Doogee devices go on sale during the last weeks of the year. The X 9 Pro would have a difference from his companion, the X 9 and is the fact that the back cover would be removable. It could be purchased in two colors: white and black. With regard to its cost, from some portals ensure that will be around them 91 euros, however, will have that wait to know his price final. If their commercialization would take place from online shopping portals, it would be logical that this amount would suffer variations.

Doogee is focusing its efforts in launching Terminal balanced yet affordable in equal parts. However, it is not the only company that is using similar tactics to deal with the needs of a mass of consumers that has increased its demands to manufacturers. Do you think that the 9 X and the X 9 Pro will be at the height of what users ask for, or however, believe that the time will be a decisive factor in guaranteeing good results in a market with thousands of alternatives? You have available more information about other models released by the firm so you can learn more about it and say to yourselves.

Doogee this article presents a new phablet that focuses on the design was published in TabletZona.

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