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DOFUS Touch: choose with total freedom the destiny of the world

Repeatedly I have presented examples of a new generation of games for tablets and smartphones that, emulating the ideas of the existing ones for larger stands, promise, at first glance, to further elevate the user experience by offering them greater freedom of action that often influences the final development of the game. Games RPG and strategy, which are the most widespread in Google Play and but also presenting a perhaps excess supply, are also turning to this trend.

Today we bring you a DOFUS Touch, of which we’ll then tell you its most important features. According to its creators, the ability to control users on allocations, it reaches new heights allow to create whole worlds in which we can choose the path to follow and that the typical elements that can be found in this type of work, added other fields as the simulation.


Throughout the world have appeared some mysterious dragon eggs. Our mission › will be recover them. However, in all the adventure will appear a series of missions that will go from the defeat of enemies of all type, until the trade with products of all type. Them fighting are in time real and also, will have the possibility of forging alliances with others players that as will see now, not will have place only in the land of them weapons.

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As usually be usual in this type of works, the ability of modification of the environment and the characters is high. DOFUS Touch seeks give a step more beyond in this sense not only to the allow create beings according to our preferences, but also, to the offer the option of choose between convert us in Warrior, merchant or craftsman between others, while try to meet the task main and that will influence indirectly in the course of the same.


This game does not have any cost initial. Developed as a part more than another saga among which we can find titles as DOFUS City, for now has managed to surpass the million users. Their performance requirements are not high, since it only requires Android 4.4 or higher. However, if you may need to shopping to continue advancing in a headings and that reach the 75 euros per item. This last, along with some bugs and unexpected reboots, have been the subject of criticism from users.

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As you have seen, while there are small differences between the games of this theme, the truth is that in the majority of cases, the bases are almost identical. Do you think that DOFUS Touch can offer something different from the rest? You have available more information about the most outstanding 2016 grouped in a ranking so you can say to yourselves.

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