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Do pre-installed in your Android tablet applications consume battery even if you don’t use them?

The bloatware is one of the elements that can most would disgust the users, from the origins of the concept, and even influences them when choosing a tablet or smartphone. These pre-installed applications not only occupy (sometimes unnecessary) space in the internal memory of the device, but also on occasions, hinder its operation.

Is all app pre-installed bloatware?

One might think that the bloatware are all applications pre-installed on a handset, although this definition is not always accurate. Let’s go by parts. A first layer would form it the most basic apps: calendar, calculator, phone, camera, Gallery, etc. Some manufacturers choose to leave the AOSP Android tools (similar to them that they will see in Nexus), although major companies often include proprietary developments. Few consider that these services are bloatware, as also few (but no more) use this term to refer to Google Apps: Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Chrome, etc.

The manufacturer uses, not always positive

Some manufacturers even go a step further and begin to complement services of Microsoft, as he has chosen to make Samsung in their latest generations within the high range. This, clearly, already Yes looks more bloatware, like apps from the manufacturer, style S Health (Samsung), Zoe (HTC), Walkman (Sony), etc. The issue is that in the end it’s a concept that eventually finds pejorative and is often used to refer to services that they “disturb” instead of helping, although that is something that logically it varies greatly depending on the user profile.

Last longer, it should be mention of certain successful applications that some companies (usually low-cost firms) introduced into their teams, style Facebook, Candy Crush or Angry Birds. This is, perhaps, the most unnecessary type.

Nexus 5 bloatware

From the moment in which the bloatware are apps that may be running in second flat on our tablet Android, the answer is Yes, preinstalled applications can consume the battery of a device, the question is… really, do they do it? The answer in this case is: depends.

When consuming battery pre-installed applications?

It is necessary to prove case to case. In a Galaxy tablet applications preinstalled few times will generate a consumption relevant if we don’t use them directly, because they are well optimized tools. In a Xiaomi my Pad, things change. The Chinese manufacturer has applications that are often working and offered us to make different tasks (cleaning, updates, synchronization in the cloud) necessarily consuming resources on the terminal. In a phablet with more than 4,000 mAh as the Redmi Note 3 Pro will not pose a great problem, however, in the first Red Rice was very necessary root team and Uninstall or block some services to extend the autonomy of the device.

How to deal with the consumption generated by the bloatware

The first thing we must do is to identify those applications that are making us a hole in the terminal. To do this simply go to the settings > battery and view consumption disaggregated apps of that screen. In many cases, manufacturers allow to disable their native apps from apps in settings. There we select any of them and check if the option is available. If it’s an app that we consider essential for our day to day, but a further development done to swallow too, always we will try to replace it by another Google Play.


In a team of Samsung will usually give the same, because we already say, apps of this company are well written. However tablets low cost is worth considering the presence or not of bloatware before making us a team, as a matter both of space and performance. When most closely matches the preinstalled software the AOSP Android much better, since the rest can download it according to our criteria from the Play Store.

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