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Disney also is paramount to the bid by Twitter

He last Friday the actions of Twitter is firing a 20%. A reaction in the stock market driven by the explicit interest of Google by acquiring the microblogging network. However, the Blue Bird, more suitors have left him. According to Bloomberg, Walt Disney Co. is interested in bidding for the acquisition of Twitter and would be evaluating an offer under the recommendations of a financial advisor.

For more than one year is it speculation that Google will be made with Twitter. A purchase that would kill two birds with one stone. Last Friday intensified rumors about this important transaction, although other companies also have his eye on the social network. An of those was, to which is add according to the last reports Microsoft and it own teleco American Verizon.

Google is preparing to buy Twitter, they claim from CNBC

Disney shows interest by Twitter

If there were not few brides for Twitter, today comes to light thanks to Bloomberg that Disney also values become a property with the Twitter services. The news has transcended once it knew that the conglomerate of firms behind Walt Disney Co setting up bidding firm with the help of a financial advisor. Not there are details of the same, but all seems to indicate that soon could know all them details of the proposal.App de Twitter para smartphones

A movement strategic that confers value to the operation

And what would be the interest that may be Disney in acquiring Twitter? The truth is that the transaction would be placed as a strategic maneuver in the line of all movements that has been its CEO since he took command of the company. We must remember that the own Bob Igner is behind the agreements to acquire Pixar and other agreements with media and platforms like Hulu streaming video. With Twitter in his power, Disney would enhance its ability to distribute its multimedia contents, its core business. Interestingly, the current CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, belongs to the Disney Board, which is an important factor when it comes to the negotiations between the two companies.

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