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Discover the possible developments of the next update of Pokemon GO

Niantic is putting all their efforts, or that want think, n improve the experience of game with Pokemon GO after million of players will begin to abandon the adventure after the latest updates. Now a group of users has discovered which could be the news of the next update of Pokémon GO.

And is that seems that the mystery on that will include it next update of Pokemon GO already has been revealed thanks to a set of users that is have since to dive in the bowels of the code of the application. Before continue reading you have that warn you that, of time, not there is trace of the so desired trade or exchange of these small monsters between them users of the application both for iOS as for Android.

personaje pokémon go

Pokemon as companions of trip

Some players (with plenty of free time) have discovered a system of friends which has been encoded in Pokémon Go into the game data. Unfortunately not is the expected function of share Pokemon with a friend, if not that this option would allow that the user choose one of these small monsters so you accompany in its way. I.e., the Pokemon to choose will accompany to our avatar during his trip by the map.

Of this way is proposed to the user a type of game very similar to the Pokemon Yellow of Game Boy, where after the success of the series of TV Pikachu accompanied to our character during all the adventure.

código pokémo ngo

Another of possible developments in the next update of Pokémon GO would be that the Pokémon that we choose to walk to our Lake can go collecting candies that you can then use to evolve. It is not known how many candies can collect our “fellow travellers” but discovered code allows us to know that some of these Pokémon will walk together l avatar, others will fly, and some may even sit on your shoulder.

códgo pokémon go

But still we do not know when this Pokémon GO update will be available, there are several sources that cite that next Monday would come to the respective markets of applications review of the game from Nintendo and Niantic.

Do they will achieve all these innovations back to attract some users who, after the latest updates, seem to have set aside the phenomenon Pokémon GO?

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