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Discover the new Nokia DC1 with Android phone design

The time of the arrival of the new terminal of Nokia with system operating Android (there are already several sources that ensure that will be two them models that will be of the split) is each time more near. Us, in this occasion, will discuss it new that is has filtering of the Nokia DC1, a model that fits as a glove in the range average of product-that is to more sales gets after the year, all there are that say it-.

Something that is already evident is that the Nokia DC1 (which could be called finally Nokia E1 to plunge into the market) will be official in 2017 , no that is so far clear if the timing is the CES fair or, perhaps, and with much more sense, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The case is that the device has been seen in a new photograph with finished in white, and this comes to confirm that several will be colors that are put on sale.

Teléfono Nokia DC1 de color blanco

There are some details that seem clear enough to revise the image that we have left just before this paragraph. Firstly to disposed of touch on the bottom of the appliance buttons, by which not is subtracted him space to the panel when handling it (this is completely different to as the Google Nexus or Huawei with EMUI devices are). Obviously, the fingerprint reader will not miss in Nokia DC1, since it is an element that is currently required.

What has been known the DC1 Nokia

Little by little is is giving way to the new device, and as we have indicated this model will be part of the middle range of product, so you have to wait longer for an attack on the most powerful segment of the market. This say it since the latest information indicate that the DC1 Nokia will have a Snapdragon processor in the range 600 – remains to be seen what – and that the amount of RAM will be of 4 GB, that is which fits into their “space” in the market for 2017. By the way, a nice touch is that the terminal will arrive directly with Android 7.0 (Nougat).

POsible diseño del Nokia DC1

By the way, another image that has been seen in some sources which is sketches the two devices that supposedly works Nokia, is that one will have Home button, in the purest style Samsung, and the other is not. Without having unclear which corresponds exactly to the DC1 Nokia.

POsible diseño con botón Home del Nokia DC1

, Is that you go knowing more and more details of the Nokia DC1, a terminal that is to kick off in the efforts of this company, with the invaluable help of Global HDM , to cast its return to the market of mobile phones, in this case with operating system Android. Remains to be seen, that Yes, if with a personalization of the work of very strong Google.

The article see the design of the new Nokia DC1 with Android phone was published in MovilZona.

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