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Discover how many of your apps are compatible with Android 7 Nougat

Android has a major problem of fragmentation, we are not going to surprise anyone by saying this. But this also means that apps have a minimum and maximum version in which work, and that is a real hassle if we want it to install, both below, but above all, above when comes a new version as Android 7 Nougat.

The fragmentation of Android is noted while manufacturers have the obligation of keeping the updates support the two years following the launch of the team. In the side of the applications have the same case, there is a version of Android minimum and maximum and as them developers not the update, not will be compatible with the new that will come.

Apps that are compatible with Android 7 Nougat and which not

Is the case of Android 7 Nougat, that is by coming for many users, the doubt going to get when it install in the mobile and, suddenly, that app that carry using both time not will be compatible. Is something that us goes to catch quite by surprise and, perhaps, in the worst moment, by what can try to advance us to that with a simple and free app, AppChecker.

WP-Appbox: AppChecker – List APIs of Apps (free+, Google Play) →

It is application that although it has advertising be forgiven you, is really useful to know what will be what will work for us or not with 7 Android Nougat in our smartphone if we are lucky enough to install it in the coming months.

Will also give us information about if have just updated a Marshmallow and some application not work. AppChecker is responsible for doing a review of the version of the API of each of the app that we have installed and allows us to know until version will be able to use it.

apps compatibles con Android 7 Nougat

Since the Android 7 beta has long been in circling the scene of developers, it is rare that an application that is usually a day and will be updated little by little is not as ready to receive the latest version of Android. However, if for whatever we are using the typical launched by a programmer at the time, but that has not come back to remember it, it is likely that we find problems to update.

In AppChecher, besides give us the percentage of them apps that have lists for Android 7 Nougat, can pass by all the list, in order alphabetical, of each an of them applications that to your side will have the always sympathetic robot of Android of each an of them versions maximum in which can install this or another application.

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