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Discover all the secrets of a tribe in Nono Islands

The most important developers are able to develop games of various genres simultaneously. Since the typical strategy and role requiring a lot of resources and time, to others with simpler themes that also aspire to reach the highest within their respective fields. As we have stated on other occasions, the offer to increase and in many cases, we have examples that are great like each other.

Illusion Labs hand, today we present Nono Islands, that mixes adventure with touches of strategy and a touch of humor under a very simple operation and that despite having burst a few days ago on Google Play, already has won fans and detractors in equal parts by its resemblance to other games as Subway Surfers how to overcome different levels.


In Nono Islands, we get into the skin of a Group of explorers that has become an archipelago paradise. Our mission will be the of unravel all the secrets that await this group of Islands and get all them treasures that is hide in them. However the inhabitants of the place, a tribe called Nono, will do whatever is necessary to ensure that we comply with the goal by setting up traps of all kinds, the release of wild creatures and the placement of obstacles.

nono islands escenario


As mentioned before, this title like great guard with others due to its handling: simply slide our character to the left or right into levels consisting of three streets in which Iran appearing all the elements that I have mentioned above. Although this idea may be simple e even boring to many, is tries to compensate with ones good graphics and an atmosphere colorful that us reminds to them environments tropical.


Nono Islands has no initial charge . Present several months in the catalogues, of time has failed to overcome the 50,000 users in part by typical mistakes of apps that have a somewhat shorter path and that in this case would provide unexpected closures, bugs, and some monotony when the more advanced levels are reached. Requires of shopping integrated that can get to the 6.49 euros by element.

WP-Appbox: Nono Islands (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Nono Islands (free+, App Store) →

Do you think that Nono Islands can get better results if its creators corrected some bugs reported by the users? You have more information about other similar games like Blades of Brim so you can get to know more options available.

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