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Disables the new and annoying features of iOS 10

Makes something more than two weeks iOS 10 began to arrive to all the users of products of Apple as a update more of the system operating mobile. Although this version of the operating system did not include too many visible new features, most of the changes are under the hood, at the internal level, and, apart from paying attention, probably not we realize them. However, some of the new features that have been enabled by default that are causing concern among users, especially among those accustomed to how things in old iOS 9 worked.

As usual, with every iOS update, Apple seeks to make as comfortable as possible the use of your operating system so that the largest number of users can, for example, access to new features as quickly as possible or unlock the device by right-clicking the Touch ID, however, on many occasions, these new features are not really useful for many becoming, after a while, even a nuisance.

The main features of iOS 10 more are bothering the users are:

  • Having to click with Touch ID to unlock the iPhone or iPad.
  • The ability to reply to messages from the lock, a real problem of privacy screen.
  • Until the iPhone turns on automatically whenever we got up from the table.
  • The Spotlight search history.
  • The new features of Auto-filling of forms of Safari.
  • The effects that apply iMessage to the system.
  • Applications that integrate with iMessages.
  • The new button of dictation that appears in the system’s keyboard.

Then we are going to teach how we can disable easily all these functions and features in iOS 10 to make the system to operate more similarly to as he did in the previous version. All of these options be disabled from the settings menu, so we do not need or jailbreak or carry out complex configurations.

How to fix the main drawbacks of iOS 10

As we can see, with only dedicate a few minutes to disable these options, the main problems that have come with iOS 10 will disappear, and can thus take advantage of the improvements of all kinds that have come with this operating system (for security, performance, stability, etc) but without having to change our habits of use (for example, having to click with Touch ID to unlock the device) like we did in iOS 9.

Have found some other feature of iOS 10 that you bother and wanted that work as in iOS 9?

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