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Designed a fabric capable of charging the mobile

You imagine to charge the battery of your smartphone while walking, starting from the electricity generated by your pants? That’s the idea that they intend to researchers from the Chinese University of Chongqing after designing a type of tissue that generates electricity with friction and motion. The project is in experimental phase, but the first tests allow you to determine that the amount of energy generated is sufficient to charge the battery of a mobile phone.

In addition to those fuels fossil, depend on fully of the energy electric. Our degree of evolution revolves around electronic devices, and as such, they require electrical power to operate. While we have large scale methods to generate it on a large scale, the biggest drawback is the accumulation of power. Lithium batteries have become the most widely accepted formula, but they have their physical limitations. These limitations are able to understand them with the proper functioning of your mobile phone. We need to charge it regularly. Them manufacturers of smartphones have started to sort this inconvenient with different technologies, among which is include them systems of load fast, as well as options more rudimentary as the batteries portable. However, transport them may become a handicap.

Charge the mobile with the rubbing of a fabric

Here is where enters of full the study led to out by them scientists of the University of Chongqing, in China. They have found a way to produce a fabric that is capable of generating electrical power with the movement. Its technical basis lies in the arrangement of multiple layers that just altogether have a thickness of 0.32 mm. Between the layers is one made with polyester on a thin sheet of metal fibers which, due to friction, produce a flow of loads. It is the triboelectric effect. This flow of loads is collected by another layer formed by semiconductor and generators nanometric, which also receive power from of a layer with cell photovoltaic. And is that the fabric in issue, of so only 20 centimeters square, also is capable of transform the energy solar in energy electric.iPhone en el bolsillo de un pantalón

A project still in development

Thus, altogether, this tissue – with proper structure, is capable of producing enough energy to feed, among other electronic devices, a smartphone battery. Thus it ensures at least scientists in charge of the study which, in addition, to advance that the material is tough enough to dual 500 times without losing its electrical capacity. That Yes, it is yet to see the viability of the discovery, how to take it to the market to take advantage of this new fabric.

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