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Dell introduces Chromebook 11 Convertible and two touch 86 and 55-inch monitor

The last week was riddled with of releases of different Chromebook, and among them there is one of Dell. This type of terminal begins to take too hard since it is known that, from now on, all of them will be compatible with Android applications. In addition, Texan firm has also unveiled a pair of Touchmonitors with 86 and 55-inch oriented company (meeting room, etc.). We give more details on the activity of this popular company in recent days.

If right now there is a format that seems unstoppable is convertible. At the recent CES, we saw many of them in its Windows 10, with great specifications and rates notably bulky. However, last week we had several news also regarding the Chromebook, like the possibility that soon arrive in pure tablet support and inclusion of the Play Store for all models appearing in this 2017.

Dell Chromebook 11 Convertible: features

Between the 3 new Chromebook presented by the company, you speak only of them bringing convertible format. As all them terminals with Chrome OS, Dell also announces its Chromebook 11 Convertible as a device intended to the education. Can be seen in the above image: the hybrid facet is given by a hinge that rotates the screen and keyboard in 360 degrees, being the first of them touch.

In terms of specifications, we have an 11.6-inch HD resolution LCD panel. Your processor is a sixth generation Intel Celeron. Although in the field of connectivity, we are well served, maybe take something less compatibility with USB type C. Despite this, we have port Jack, usb3.0 and HDMI in full size.

Its price is $ 349 and reach the U.S. market on February 7.

Two pantallones of 55 and 86 inches

Between different devices last week, Dell has unveiled also two touch monitors with resolution 4 k, 86 and 55 inches, and prices of 11,000 and 5,000 dollars respectively. Obviously, this product is not intended for domestic, although neither disposable is that someone is necessary for their work at home. Rather its focus is for the classrooms and work places, as surface to display content and manipulate them.

dell pantallas 86 y 55 pulgadas

Two screens (C5518QT and C8618QT) can be used with the Dell OptiPlex Micro Desktop running Windows, although this device will have to buy it separately.

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