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DayDream features View, virtual reality of Google goggles

The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are already among us. The big G has given them officially unveiled at the event, which was scheduled for today. However, it is not the only change in the hardware section. The technology firm has also had occasion to present his own virtual reality glasses. It is a part of the new project arising from the synergy of new smartphones, Android 7.0 Nougat and Platform for virtual reality DayDream. Then all the DayDream View features.

The last edition of the Google I/o, the most important event organized by the company with regard to its developers, was the scene of DayDream VR presentation. It was an independent platform integrated in Android to give support to the incipient arrival of virtual reality to the market of smartphones. A technology that affords the user’s content in a more realistic way and that so far never had chance to try through accessories from other manufacturers.

Google has put remedy to this loophole, first with the introduction of a platform optimized for that virtual reality, so it will be easier to integrate content and virtual reality on Android-compatible applications. But to enjoy the advantages of this new technology is required additional hardware, as well as the own smartphone. In this sense the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are the first DayDream VR-compatible models. Also, the giant of Internet presents the first glasses of reality virtual compatible with them themselves. It’s DayDream View.

DayDream features View

The new DayDream View is converted in an accessory differentiating concerning the proposed available currently. And is that the company them has designed with materials that is separate from the plastic of other options since now appears the fabric. A maneuver not only to offer a different look, but it is a commitment to comfort. A point related to these characteristics of DayDream View is the weight, since new virtual reality of Google goggles are, as a general rule, a 30% lighter than other alternatives.

With intelligent control

With the new Google Pixel, the user will have even more easy the enjoy of the reality virtual. And is that in addition to just worry about placing the smartphone in the specific section on glasses – are they automatically synchronized – the Mountain View added a specific command. And it is that DayDream View glasses will come along with a smart driver. A small remote control with amount of sensors that will allow interact with them contained multimedia compatible of way more natural and fluid. As we can see in the demo videos, this driver will allow us to move through the stages and interact with them through gestures and movements of the same.daydream-view-controlador

One of the details to keep in mind is that Google has designed a small compartment on the inside of the glasses to accommodate the controller. This prevents the loss of the same.

Price and release date

Google has indicated that DayDream View sunglasses will be available for your reservation from October 20 in United States. The sale of the DayDream VR attachment will begin during the month of November through Google Play and associated distributors. As for the price, the DayDream View available for 79 dollars in the United States. In Europe, Google has provided specifics for the German market, which would be available for 69 euros.

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