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Cymbal: Turn your favorite songs into trend

When we talk about music applications, immediately come to memory some of the platforms most used in the world like Spotify. Designed in a first time for computers, in little time gave the jump towards others stands as the tablets and them smartphones. However, in these last has found a great competition thanks to the emergence of other tools that aim to go a step more beyond and whose objective, as is usual, is reach the leadership.

Currently, the possibility of listening to our artists favorite in any place, comes accompanied of others elements as for example, the interaction with users of all the world. A example of how the new generation of applications music also passes by the communication is Cymbal, of which then you have their features more prominent.


According to its developers, Cymbal allows listen in any moment the tracks that have in other tools as SoundCloud. On the other hand, can create our own lists of reproduction or also, and as happens in networks social as Twitter, check what are the songs more heard in our location or to scale world in the time and access to them to the same time that can assign them tags and grouping them by categories.

cymbal pantalla

The communication, one of their keys

As mentioned before, the interaction with other people, is has become in a pillar both in games as in applications conventional. For Cymbal, this comes hand, by the option of power chat with users with which have tracks or genres music in common, and by another, by the made of power know what themes are them more heard by our friends and what are their artists favorite. Can discover what are the trends that they follow and add us to them.


This platform does not have no cost initial. On the other hand, does not require purchase integrated. These characteristics, added to others such as for example, a database containing biographies and more information about hundreds of artists from around the world, have resulted to Cyndal, despite having a number of downloads low in comparison with other similar apps, has been well received in general terms.

WP-Appbox: Cymbal (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Cymbal – Your song of the moment (free, App Store) →

Do you think that Cyndal can get good results and increase their number of downloads? Prefer them applications traditional at the time of listen to the best music? You have available more information on other similar apps like Flipps so you can get to know more options at your disposal.

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