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Cyanogen Inc lays off more than 20% of its workforce. What is the reason?

According to the latest information arriving from Seattle, the company in charge of the development of Cyanogen OS, which in turn was born in the heat of the popular ROM custom CyanogenMod, proceeded to dispense with a significant number of its staffers. Specifically it is known that Cyanogen Inc leaders have dismissed a total of 30 people, more than 20% of registered 136 workers. The signature technological not is has pronounced even to the respect, but all should be indicate that is is of a important restructuring before them unexpected results in the market of smartphones of its software commercial.

The launch of the OnePlus One was an important event in the sector. It was an ambitious project. A smartphone of high performance to price adjusted and with Cyanogen I as system operating. A combination that generated a great expectation among those users by the attractive price and the large possibilities of the software.

Current ROM: CyanogenMod, is history and that was the company

However, the Alliance between Cyanogen Inc and OnePlus is deteriorated to the point of follow ways opposite. Cyanogen Inc. focused on new manufacturers in India, a market potential with an exponential growth. Meanwhile, the development of CyanogenMod has remained section at all times of the commercial project, as the company indicated in its early days.Sede de Cyanogen Inc en Seattle

What is Cyanogen OS and why it is different from CyanogenMod

Reduction of the template

However, the proposal of Cyanogen Inc does not seem that has borne fruit as much as expected. Good example of this is the information coming from the headquarters in Seattle. He Department of resources human has cited today to a number of finished of workers to inform them of that the company prescindir√° of its service. In total have been 30 members of the template will no longer belong to Cyanogen Inc. This cut represents more than 20% of the total since until a few days ago were 136 workers. The rest of the staff there has been in his post at the request of the company.Logotipo de Cyanogen OS

The best mobile with Cyanogen OS pre-installed

Low impact of Cyanogen OS

It certain is that since Cyanogen left of collaborate with OnePlus not have returned to listen about the brand of software and well them problems can derive of its scarce success. Since they embaucaran in the project, Cyanogen OS has failed to convince a reasonable number of manufacturers, sufficient to meet forecasts.

Do new offer the new 13.1 Cyanogen Mod?

This seems the true reasons for the dismissals. The software that was developed to be integrated into smartphones instead of the native version of Android, the compiled by Google to the aid of NATO on its ecosystem, does not seem to have been installed in one sufficient number of teams as to make the project profitable. For the moment, the representatives of the company nor Steve Kondik, founder, have offered details.

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