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Customize your smartphone Huawei with the appearance of Windows 7 with this topic

Huawei puts to disposition of its customers a Shop of themes through which the user can vary the style of the interface of the system. However, we also have the option to opt out of the themes developed by independent people. Such is the case of the following item that lets you Customize your smartphone Huawei with the graphic layer and appearance that both characterized the operating system Windows 7.

Already have counted in multitude of occasions the great versatility of the application themes of Huawei. It is a tool that provides us, in a simple and fast, the ability to customize the interface EMUI with another layer varying icons, lyrics, wallpapers and part of the interface, whether the lock screen or home screen. Similarly, a few days ago we show you a guide of how it was possible to create your own themes. As well, then we offer you a custom theme with a look of the most popular.Tema Windows 7 para Huawei

Appearance of Windows 7 for your Huawei smartphone

A great majority we have familiar during years with the interface and appearance of the system operating for PC of Microsoft, specifically Windows 7. Do not move it to our smartphone Huawei and enjoy some of the Visual system of the giant of the software features?

Since it is possible to revert changes in a few steps, we can test the appearance of Windows 7 in our terminal with EMUI 4.0 and 4.1 EMUI. Of this mode can enjoy of them mythical icons of Windows 7, as well as of the letter and the popular wallpaper that appeared by default a time on the PC for first time.

The developer offers a preview of how the theme looks through the following video.

Download and installation

The dynamic for install the theme with Windows 7 for smartphones Huawei with EMUI 4.0 in forward not varies concerning them instructions provided by the manufacturer, except because must enter the file of the theme with extension .hwt in the folder hwthemes and that can download from this link. We found it in the internal memory of the smartphone, accessible either from the application browser or through the cable connection to the PC with the data transfer mode.

Once stored the subject in the appropriate folder, we don’t have to run the app themes from your smartphone, access to the my tab and apply the Windows 7 theme. We will automatically pass to enjoy the interface of the operating system for PCS.

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