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Customize the Huawei P8 with the appearance of iOS on iPhone with this topic

Bored of the graphics layer that looks your Huawei P8 with EMUI by default? Love both of the aesthetic that looks an iPhone and iOSoperating system? Maybe not going to cost too much to customize the interface of the P8 Huawei or any smartphone brand with EMUI 4.0 onwards due to the topic iOSmix. You instructions on how to download and install it.

One of the advantages of the smartphones of Huawei is the ability to customize the interface through the native application topics. With this tool we will be able to download the many issues that the brand puts at our disposal through a carousel which lists them according to multiple criteria even for free . However, the installation of themes created by the user community, is also possible and it is here where resides the charm and great functionality of this feature of smartphones Huawei EMUI interface.

Huawei P8 with the iPhone interface and its system iOS

Community XDA part a topic of the most attractive from an aesthetic point of view, especially since your last update released a few days ago. iOSmix, as well as the theme, is called allows us to apply a series of changes to the interface of our smartphone Huawei EMUI 4.0 onwards to confer an similar in appearance to Apple’s iPhone which looksto the layer of the system. Font, the system icons, quick settings, shortcuts and a myriad of details that we hold dear on Android are automatically transformed with the aesthetics of iOS in its latest version.

Even the tick of WhatsApp acquire a renewed and dynamic style. We must also not forget of the until integrated nine wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen, all from iOS. The same applies to the signal network and battery charge icons, which are personalized with the same look of we can see on an iPhone.Interfaz del Huawei P8 personalizada con el aspecto de iOS

Download and installation

The steps to follow in order to proceed with the installation of the iOSmix theme does not vary on other occasions. We have to manually download files with extension zip (theme and lyrics) that can be found on the XDA and Rename with the .hwt extension page for later transfer to the HWThemes folder found in the internal memory of the smartphone. So the process is more comfortable we recommend perform all the steps from the terminal, i.e. through the browser web and the Manager of files of the phone.Tema iOSmix para el Huawei P8

Once copied files with extension .hwt to the folder HWThemes run the app issues that we find through the launcher of our Huawei. From there we headed to the tab mine, available in the part upper right of the screen. In the paragraph local issues iphonelite we select and apply. With this step, we will install fonts that look iPhones. We now perform the same step with the iOSmix theme. We apply and automatically enjoy the similar appearance of iOS in our P8 Huawei, Huawei P8 Lite, Huawei P9, P9 Lite Huawei, Huawei Mate 8 and, in general, in all Huawei that have the version EMUI 4.0 onwards.

Link to download necessary files *

* We have three options for theme based on the appearance of the navigation bar (Google Pixel, EMUI 5.0 or stock of our smartphone version)

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