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Curious gadgets that you can find on this Black Friday

It Black Friday already is here and from first hours of it tomorrow, the long rows of consumers have been the tonic dominant in them large establishments of electronic of consumption of our country. Although will be along the day when is produce them major agglomerations, it true is that the public already is starting to spend money with the objective of get the best offers in tablets and smartphones. Makes some days you talked of a series of gadgets curious that can find usually during the rest of the year to them devices portable but the reality is that during this CITES annual, not only can find offers of all type, but also is diversifies the number of articles available for them.

To complete all the information on this event that you come counting during them last days, today you talk on a series of Accessories very curious that in some cases, not could result too useful but that called the attention by others aspects as its design or even, its price. And is that, them new formats already is have become, as have mentioned in other occasions, in objects essential in the day to day of million of people that leads to advertising, designers and manufacturers of all the world to create accessories very striking for them. Know that already is possible to perform a test of pregnancy through a phablet?

pregnant pro smartphone

1. goggles 2VR

For what need some Cardboard that can seem crude and heavy if have to our disposal some glasses as vintage as them 2VR? Currently, it indie sells and this idea is has extended also in the land of the reality virtual, where can find glasses as them 2VR that to first view, are very simple: is composed of two lenses rounded and of small dimensions whose pin later is extend towards the part front, where is subject the smartphone and through which can play is contained in this format.

2 Phonesoap

The studies carried out by a multitude of universities have shown that the screens of our tablets and smartphones may have more bacteria than the toilet. This may terrify many users for which the cleaning is one of the pillars of his life but who do not fear, since we can find gadgets like this that help us maintain our mobile cleaner than a whistle. This accessory is roughly a box in which the device is inserted. It may seem simple, but his mystery lies in the methods used to clean the terminals: Ni water nor SOAP, Phonesoap use UV lights to burn until the latter microorganism, good or bad to live peacefully on the screens. In addition, according to its developers, it allows to load brackets while wiping. Presented at CES this year, its approximate price is $60.

phonesoap caja

3 Pregnant Pro

On other occasions I have told how medicine has included new digital formats with the aim of achieving a more rapid and personalized patient care. At the same time, there are plenty of apps designed for people with disorders such as diabetes that can be very useful. However, it is now possible to know if a woman is pregnant through your smartphone. Thirdly, we present Pregnant Pro, a test in smart appearance that combines technology with traditional tests.

Its operation is very simple. Collect the sample of urine in the typical suit and a smartphoneis linked to it. Once synchronized, the first item will send messages to the second in which data such as results or incidents may be known. To reduce the stress during this period of uncertainty, it also contains minigames. Its price is around $15.

4 Distracta Gone

Finally, we ended up with an item that you can help more than one user being hit fewer hours per day to the screens of their smartphones. Like PhoneSoap, it’s a case that in this case, we will not prevent the appearance of bacteria in the terminals, but reduces intensive applications. Its operation is very simple: it’s a box that can hold up to 4 terminals, and that contains a Timer at the top that once activated, prevents opening the box and use devices until the countdown reaches zero. A curious fact is Swedish design.

distracta gone caja

As you have seen, there are plenty of articles that can be found these days ranging from those who try to make life somewhat easier to others seeking to cut with addictions to technology. Do you think that all these objects you have tabled can be really useful? Do you believe are most striking about his appearance than by what they can offer once purchased? You have more information about Black Friday as a list of updated discounts or also, more anecdotes and curiosities about this event that has gained much weight in our country in a matter of few years.

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