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Cool 1 c: how is the result of the union of LeEco and Coolpad?

When you have presented some of terminals that have come to the market whether in tablet format, or on the smartphone, seen as in some features, they involved the largest companies of the sector. In the case of models Made in China, it is possible to see how, in many cases, Samsung, Sony and Sharp are some of the choices for models that still generate some mistrust, of image properties to provide highest possible with those which attempt to gain credibility and at the same time, placed well in a context marked by constant improvement and the race for the leadership.

However, it is also possible to see the collaboration of several companies coming together in specific moments to sell complete devices. This merger may be beneficial for participants that, in many cases, dealt with small firms or technology that they are engaged in a process of expansion within and outside its borders. It is the case of LeEco and Coolpad, two Chinese brands that we already know enough in Spain and that now, could have been working together in Cool C1, a phablet which we will then tell you its already revealed features. Are we facing a new strategy that can be useful at a time of some saturation of terminals or something casual that transcend not too in the short term?

letv leeco le1 diseño


At the moment, the only thing that has been given to learn about this device through the displayed photographs, is the fact that it will feature a reader of fingerprints on its rear casing and that from LeEco could market it in various colors. Although covers material and the dimensions of the Cool 1 cremains in the air, we could be a device that counted at least, with auctions of aluminium side frames. Another striking aspect, as we shall see below, is the system of dual lenses on the back.


The characteristics of this area are next to the performance, the only where there has been more known from the headquarters of both companies. According to GSMArena, it would have a diagonal of 5.5 inch accompanied by a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. From others as GizChina also is speculates with that can record videos in format 4 K, something unusual if have in has that this model, as we will see more ahead, is focused to the segment low cost. A few lines above we mentioned that one of the claims of this device is the addition of a dual-lens system. While the front would be in 8 rear cameras reach the 13 Mpx .

Camara dual


Unlike a significant part of Chinese manufacturers that use MediaTek to equip their models of processors as balanced as possible, in the Cool 1 c we would find a chip produced by Qualcomm, in particular, the Snapdragon 652 that would be capable of reaching peaks of 1.8 Ghz according to the manufacturer. Between them points strong of this component highlights the possibility of support technologies of load fast or the support for cameras of up to 21 Mpx. RAM, 3 GB, you would make it possible to include it within the Group of middle phablets. It would have an initial 32 GB expandable through Micro SD card storage capacity.

Operating system

Cool 1 c is not the only device that has been the result of the collaboration of LeEco and Coolpad. In summer, we saw a predecessor called Cool 1 Dual which did not have the host that was expected. This model had Android Marshmallow without any own customization layer. Therefore, it would be not nonsensical to find this version of the software of the Green robot equipping also the most recent phablet. In terms of connectivity, we would not find news since it would have support for 3 G, 4 G, WiFi and Bluetooth networks. Their autonomy would be one of its potential strengths through a 4060 mAh battery approximately.

marshmallow fondo

Availability and price

Presented officially makes just a few hours after receiving the approval of the TENA, the Chinese authority that regulates telecommunications, expected that it goes on sale next week in their country of origin, in concrete, day 5 December. Currently, it would only be possible to acquire it in China through the websites of its creators in a period of reservation. In terms of its price, it would be around 120 euros to change. It is unknown if it will give the jump to other Asian markets and Europe in the coming months.

Time once more, will be determine whether the Cool 1 c may overcome the lukewarm reception of his predecessor and be an alternative to be considered by the public of your country or simply will be a phablet more, despite striking performance in image or performance, it might go unnoticed. Do you think that this device brings to the table the best which is capable of making LeEco and Coolpad, or believe that each firm separately is able to work in more attractive Terminal? You have available more information as for example, latest betting every one of them, X 850 and Modena so you can say to yourselves.

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