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Convertible into software: 2 Tablets in 1 dual boot

The sector of the tablets is an environment in which we see constant changes at high speed. What a few years ago could be trend, may be forgotten. We have several examples that can reflect this statement: in a first moment, the public is wanted by terminals small. Then, the change was towards the creation of Terminal focused on professional public. Now, is possible find prototypes that seek to unseat to them televisions thanks to an increase of their dimensions. However, innovations don’t come only from the side of the physical aspect, but also in terms of their performance, where we find great advances regarding the models that were marketed only 5 years ago.

Among those roadmaps that were stored in the drawer at the end, we can find models furnishing several operating systems. Dual boot became popular between 2012 and 2014, and some firms such as Acer and Asus launched the production of devices running Android or Windows either. This was a wink to a sector of consumers that, up to the date, not had of alternative real facing the boom of them terminals focused to the great public.

Cube iwork12 caracteristicas

Subsequently, the stagnation of the sector forced companies to reinvent themselves. This went through the creation of Terminal 2 in 1 but not in terms of the software. However, some firms do not put aside the inclusion of multiple interfaces in a single model. Then, I present a list of tablets 2 in 1 that are equipped with several systems operating.

1 Chuwi HiBook

This company china is prepared to position is as an of the firms more competitive. Your recipe is simple and known: Tablets very complete at prices affordable and for all the public. An example is the HiBook, I have already tabled at other times.

Among the strong points of this model we have Android 5.1 and Windows 10, weighs only 550 grams, and a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels. Account with a processor Intel Atom that reaches peaks of 1.4 Ghz and a RAM of 4 GB. Its designers claim that it is ideal for both professional and leisure.

2 Wolder 11 NuBook

A terminal Made in Spain with different characteristics. On the one hand, highlights its, 11.6 inch screen with resolution Full HD. At the same time, we have a great capacity battery 8000 mAh however, contrasting with a 2 GB RAM, a storage of 32 and a few cameras that can be adjusted to many of 5 and 2 Mpx.

nubook 11 pantalla

There is that highlight that this model, of which still is unaware of many of its features, has a brother, the Nubook 10. It is expected that both go on sale at the end of the year. In terms of software, both tablets would be equipped with Remix OS. This platform pick up items such as the open-source Android and the visual appearance of Windows.

3 10 Zen

We continue with another terminal designed in Spain which roughly, would come within the low cost models Highlights of this tablet is its screen, 10.1 inches with an acceptable resolution, but not excellent 1280× 800 pixels, a processor with a speed average of 1.3 Ghz and a 6,000 mAh battery. To all this, we must add Android 5.1 and Windows 10. Finally, it has a 2 GB RAM to which must be added a storage capacity of 32.

4 Injoo Flex

Fourthly, there is a tablet in a completely unknown in our country company. The most striking of this model, at least in the visual, is its golden plastic housing. Among its features are a 10.1 inchdisplay, a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels or a processor which, like the Zen 10, reaches the 1.3 Ghz.

innjoo flex tablet

As for the RAM, we have 2 GB as well as an expandable 32 to 64 storage capacity. However, it has several important drawbacks: firstly, its weight, since if you add the keyboard, 1.3 Kg. Second, the time needed to change interfaces and that can exceed 5 minutes.

5. Teclast TBOOK 16

Finally, I discussed the latest from a Chinese company that aspires to take its place among tablets 2 in 1 professional models low cost. TBOOK 16 has 10 Windows and Android Lollipop. We add to these interfaces, a 11.6-inch screen and an HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. In terms of performance, features an Intel Atom Processor capable of reaching the 1,84 Ghz. has 4 GB RAM and a 64 storage capacity expandable up to the 128.

As you have seen, the dual-boot refuses to disappear. Although small firms responsible to keep it, it seems that the existence of two softwares in a same terminal has not been entirely neglected. Do you think that such devices may have a good reception in the market, or however, you think that the fact of being unknown brands can do not succeed? You have available more information as for example, the advantages and disadvantages of this format.

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