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Controlling the destiny of your character in Road Not Taken

Along 2016 I have presented plenty of games where the user has a greater capacity for action. From those who belong to the genre of simulation / strategy, to others that combine elements of role playing adventures, the truth is that in all formats, from tablets and smartphones, even conventional consoles, have seen increasing titles on which the players themselves decide the course of history.

With these made, seems that the public not be complies only with can customize to the maximum their terminals, but demand new works in which are more involved. This is used by developers around the world to launch titles as a Road Not Taken, that despite hide more simple Visual and sound effects, it seems to save a complex history.


After a storm that has modified completely the appearance of the region in which have last some years very quiet and without surprises, several children that lived in our village, have disappeared. Our mission will be the of delving into the forests surrounding this settlement and find them. The task not will be easy, since along the road will be finding obstacles and characters of all type that can hinder the search. However, we have an innate power based on levitate objects, which can be very useful to us.

road not taken personajes


As mentioned at the beginning, them graphics, in 2D, not reach the level of sophistication of others titles. However, this is not impediment so that the user can immerse themselves, according to its developers, in a magical atmosphere, cold, winter, ringtones have a prominent role in. On the other hand, highlights the fact that at the time to use our powers or to choose a specific path, will alter the course of the game, finding it completely different characters and situations that require other methods to overcome them.


One of the major obstacles to Road Not Taken scope the success and a greater number of downloads is the made of that has a cost initial of 5,49 euros. Released to end of December, of time not has gotten overcome them several thousands of users. In lines General has been well received by its atmosphere or by a management simple.

WP-Appbox: Road Not Taken (5,49 €, Google Play) →

Believe that the made of that is of payment can be a drawback to this type of titles? Have available more information related on others similar as DOFUS Touch so you can know more options to your scope.

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