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Consultation the films with input recessed in the party of the cinema

From today until the next Wednesday 25 of October is celebrated a new edition of the party of the film, an initiative that invites to thousands of spectators to attend to them rooms of cinema to a price very reduced during these days. These days see a film in the Festival of the cinema will cost us “only” 2.90 euros, a price that move thousands of spectators from their sofas to go see the film on big screen releases that currently thicken the undercard. That’s why we told you how to query the films that we see with entry reduced in the Festival of the cinema from the mobile.

Let’s review some of the most interesting applications in order to know the undercard that we find these three days in various cinemas throughout Spain, with which they can enjoy at the Festival of the cinema.

Feast of the CarteleraApp cinema Cinema

One of the tools to know the current Billboard most complete that we can find in the Play Store. In she can access to dozens of cinemas in all Spain and know in time real them movies that are projecting, by what can know what can see during this festival of the cinema.

FIesta del Cine cartelera

We can search for movie and from there find the cinema that we better come, or directly search for cinemas Cinesa near a location and discover films that are projected for these three days. The application offers us additional information like cast and credits of each Film.

WP-Appbox: CarteleraApp cinema (free, Google Play) →


Chain of cinemas is also participating in this Festival of the cinema 2016, and surprisingly we see movies in their rooms, so this official application come Pearl.

FIesta del Cine

With it we can consult the current Billboard and see what cinemas projected a certain movie, schedules and sessions that will be available during these three days. Can find them Cinesa more close to our location and save them as Favorites within the application. Of course also can buy them tickets that you need.

WP-Appbox: Cinesa: Of movies (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Cinesa: of movies (free, App Store) →

Cines Yelmo

The Yelmo cines also participate in the Festival of the cinema, so that its application also we will be very helpful if we decided to attend one of its halls during this celebration.

FIesta del Cine yelmo

With this application we will can also locate the cinema of helmet you have closer, as well as consult Billboard using a particular film, day or particular cinema. You can also buy the necessary inputs from the same mobile. Another perfect tool to know which films will be able to see discounted during the Festival of the cinema 2016.

WP-Appbox: Yelmo Cines (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Yelmo Cines App (free, App Store) →

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