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Confirmed: the Google Pixel are manufactured by HTC

Probably, where yesterday followed the event of Google, or if tried of inform you of them details about them Pixel and Pixel XL in any medium specialized, you would cost find references on the manufacturer that there is behind the new product of the signs of Mountain View, in this case HTC. Until the moment, them Nexus always had served to a brand specific to claim is as partner main of Google, however, that time has been back.

Already had been discussing for some time: Google wanted to look a little more like Apple and go if he has succeeded. It main is that its new smartphone Pixel is very similar to the iPhone 7 in it part front and in the profiles, even shows some detail akin in the area back. In addition, manufacturer’s name disappears from the phone, which is why doesn’t surprise us that Huawei has not wanted to or hearing of the matter. HTC has assumed the responsibility of Mount the equipment in their factories, keeping a second flat with respect to the product.

Jeff Gordon, from HTC, confirms that they made those Pixel

Thanks to Phone Arena, who is have directed to Jeff Gordon, Manager of strategies of communication of HTC, have confirmed what thought know but already not had so clear after the event of Google: it company Taiwanese is have charge of assemble the new Pixel. However, the search engine wants to the absolute importance of a product that has been completely conceived, designed and developed by its engineers and in which only has needed someone to put the technical means to produce large scale.

Google Pixel y Pixel XL presentación

The medium that offers the news compares to HTC with Foxconn, the company with which works Apple for its iPad and iPhone. However, we knew that the Taiwanese were not the first choice of Google and its participation in this Pixel may have been merely timely.

Requiem for the Nexus; the line has come to an end

At the same time, know via Android Police that it marks Nexus not will receive no new device, what frankly, us saddens. All the terminals that came low this signature had something special, and was the combination of forces of Google with them manufacturers more powerful of the segment. It was, to some extent, austere terminals mostly with a clean software layer that served as a reference to developers and other brands to create their own teams.

Google Pixel XL is already official: the information

The Pixel play in another League. The “cheap” model will cost more than 700 euros and it seems that we have an investment in important marketing by the search engine to make it seem the natural opponent to your device (or a kind of) the iPhone.

The article confirmed: the Google Pixel are manufactured by HTC was published in TabletZona.

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