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Comparison of speed of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with resolution QHD and HD

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is undoubtedly terminal of the moment and the most desired from your presentation phone on 2 August. Their excellent figures of reserves show the great interest generated by the new phablet’s Samsung, and as not, is being object of numerous tests. The last of which we get echo measures the speed of the device in two different resolutions, with the aim of knowing when a screen with less resolution can also assume a lighter phone use.

A few days ago we saw this same test between the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 6s, which saw a surprising result.

  • Comparison of speed of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 against iPhone 6s

Now we are going to see to what point can influence to the resolution of the screen at the time of the performance.comparativa de velocidad Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Comparative Note 7 with different resolution speed

In that focuses this test, to see if the performance of the terminal may increase with a lower resolution. Many ensure that when the resolution is reduces, the performance of a phone can be benefited and increase notably. In this case we have on the left side of the screen to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with its original setting, a QHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 facing a panel with lower HD resolutionof 1280 × 720 pixels. The test consists in performing a routine of execution of applications, that as saw in the case of the iPhone 6s van from games, to applications of video etc.

The result for those that think that a resolution less influences in the performance and speed is surprising, because the routine is runs in both of a form practically identical, even with a little of advantage for the panel with resolution QHD. In fact the Note 7 with resolution QHD Gets a time of 2:02:01 minutes while with resolution HD it completed in 2:03:01 minutes, an only second of difference in favor of the resolution QHD that well is could due to the difference of movements at the time of press them different applications and run the routine.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 resultados comparativa

The results are very similar in the second round, but this time they are a second faster in HD resolution. As you see, after see this test, can ensure that at least in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not is note difference of performance with different resolutions of screen. That itself, although not notice the difference of speed, with a resolution less what itself will win will be more autonomy of the battery, but that already is another story.

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