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Comparison of size of the Xiaomi my Mix facing their rivals

Is certainly the great feeling of the week, even who it would say, above the Xiaomi my Note 2, and not because necessarily is a Terminal best, but because the Xiaomi my Mix has been a complete surprise from the signature Chinese. It unexpected of its arrival and its peculiar design have made that is found in the center of it today. Now review all their details, and for that reason we are echoing a comparison that front puts the size of my Xiaomi Mix on his main rivals.

Xiaomi my Mix was presented yesterday to an audience who was really surprised by the announcement. Had seen any image of a terminal of this type, but it last that expected is that is out to present already and that arrived even to Eclipse to the same Xiaomi my Note 2.

Comparative size of Xiaomi my Mix

The main feature of Xiaomi my Mix is certainly your screen, a screen that has no edges not only on the sides, but also at the top of the terminal, moving the camera to the bottom. It is also a really large 6.4-inch screen, of which we are not really aware until we see a comparison of this type. In it you can see size compared with its main rivals Mix my Xiaomi, and should recognize that he impress.

Tamaño del Xiaomi Mix

Because not only are before a terminal that is more large that all their rivals, to the end and within is as a Xiaomi my Max, but also the screen occupies practically all this front, by what the feeling of great size is spectacular.

Tamaño del Xiaomi Mix

The only one that is close to its size is LG V20, although obviously its screen is much smaller and is surrounded by a large portion of the terminal. Among the data of this comparison can see the weight of each terminal.

Tamaño del Xiaomi Mix

And in this regard the Mix my Xiaomi loses out, obviously, since its 209 grams are the heaviest of the comparison, but with the large size of the terminal is something that was expected, its screen is very large.

Tamaño del Xiaomi Mix

No doubt with comparisons of this type is as we realize to what extent could be revolutionary this terminal, because Yes, we have seen many experiments of this type, but not of this size, and this is one of the strengths of the mobile Chinese.

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