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Comparison of Chamber of the OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s and Xperia X Performance

The camera of photos is an element key in all phone, and more if we are speaking of a terminal of range high. It is the case of the 3, OnePlus Xperia X Performance, iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7, which are four of the most outstanding terminals of today. Now we get echo of a comparison of the camera that puts them face to face simultaneously in different modes of firing, including its front-facing camera or recording videos, we are going to see it in detail.

We are before the terminals more powerful both of Apple, as from Sony, Samsung and Oneplus. And although there is a significant price difference between the terminal of the Chinese and the rest, it is true that their aspirations to tread on the heels of the high-end make you worthy compared to them.

oneplus 3 camara de fotos

These four phones cameras are the best that there currently, and the best of this comparison that we a echo is that we can see their results simultaneously and in real time. You can check the characteristics of the camera of each of the terminals in our complete sheets:

  • Technical data complete OnePlus 3
  • Technical data complete Sony Xperia X performance
  • Technical data complete iPhone 6s
  • Ficha tecnica full of the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 cámara trasera

Comparative camera of Xperia X Performance, iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 OnePlus 3

As you can see in the video, the comparison is simultaneous, this means that we can see at the same time the video recording of the four models. This allows us to see differences when recording instantly, much better sensing the different color temperatures that recorded each of the phones and important details as the image stabilizer, and can quickly distinguish whether the image of one of the videos is not as stable as that of the other competitors.

Click here to see the video

Comparison of photos

This comparison also shows the main facet of the cameras of these “beasts” that also shows us is simultaneous snapshots taken by each of its main camera phones. There is also space for selfies, also showing the results of the photographs taken with the camera front of each one of these terminals. We can only ask one thing which of the four recorded videos and makes better photos?

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