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Comparative speed of 7 against the 6s iPhone iPhone

While increasingly is further the presentation of iPhone 7, the prominence of the new terminal of the Cupertino remains very, and proof of this are still different tests to which is being tested to measure the true upgrades that it offers us with respect to its predecessor. It is the case of this comparison that we echo and that shows us the comparative speed of 7 iPhone versus the of the previous generation, iPhone 6s. Let’s see what is the outcome.

The prominence of the new iPhone 7 remains very current, but not in all cases serves to please Apple, just have to see the latest news we have known about the sales of the new terminal.

Comparative speed of 7 against its predecessor iPhone

The new iPhone 7 if notable for something, as you would expect, is for its greater speed against his predecessor, not in vain its new processor Apple A10 could not offer us another result, and that is something that is noticeable in this test. In it we can see 7 iPhone and iPhone 6s run the same routine. In her different apps in the same order, are released to know whether a lag between both that allows us to differentiate different performance between both terminals. This lag is there, and is noticeable in the development of the test.

Indeed the results give victory to iPhone 7 speed, as it could not be otherwise, the iPhone 7 has finished the first round of applications in one minute and eight seconds, while that iPhone 6s gets complete in a minute and twenty seconds. In the second round of applications iPhone 7 ending it with one minute and thirty-four seconds, while the iPhone 6s in one minute and forty-eight seconds. The victory of the iPhone 7 is clear, but perhaps is less than what one might expect of a terminal that according to Apple increases and much the performance with regard to its predecessor.

velocidad del iPhone 7

The difference there is patent, and is something logical, new processor Apple A10 in theory is as fast or more than the iPad Pro that arose along with the 6s iPhone. Upon hearing her performance and technical intricacies, we now know to what extent 7 iPhone will be able to persuade users to do with it, for the moment, sales do not accompany both as with iPhone 6s.

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