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Comparative Google Pixel iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 and many more

At last we have among us the last of terminals which would complete the catalogue of high range this year 2016 which is beginning to play to an end. After the presentation of the 7 iPhone and Google Pixel are now ready to show you all the features of the high-end of this year comparing smartphones to discern what is best in this comparative Google pixel.

We remind that the new smartphone of Google hits the market with a new processor Snapdragon 821 under the arm and a 4 GB RAM. It joins him 7.1 Android Nougat as operating system, 32 or 128 GB of internal storage and a 5 inch screen with resolution Full HD. In the following link you can take a look at their complete specifications (in the absence of some confirmations)

Comparative Google Pixel over its competitors

Then can see the comparative of the Google Pixel with the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC 10, the Huawei P9, the Sony Xperia X Performance, the Xiaomi my 5 and the LG G5, 8 terminals that have decided compare based on its size and to the features of your screen, all them surrounding them 5 inch.

Tabla Google Pixel

In terms of power both are very even, not in vain all they are the current terminals star of each manufacturer. In tests made the iPhone 7 seems highlight on the rest thanks to the great optimization of its system operating, however the rest of models of the comparative feature with a greater amount of memory RAM.

Also in this comparative Google pixel also can check first-hand as the 16 GB of storage are a thing of the past, being the current standard of 32 GB upwards reaching the 128 Gb hatsa 7 iPhone in its top model, as well as Xiaomi Mi 5 and the new Google smartphone, offering. That Yes, none of them features compatibility with MicroSd cards to increase your memory.

huawei p9 cámaras

In the absence of testing the new Google Pixel, which said in the presentation that has the best camera according to DXOmark, both Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 would have the best photographic system, followed closely by Huawei P9 and its excellent Dual camera signed by Leica. If we move into the appearance of the battery 7 iPhone would fall until finally ceding much of the limelight to other “covered” this 2016 as they would be the HTC 10 or 5 Mi Xiaomi, in addition to the S7.

Arrived up to here is a matter of the reader rating that smartphone is closer to your needs, both’s screen, as in power and price and purchased that ship logo for 2016 than you convezca depending on the described variables.

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