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Comparative Google Pixel against the 7 iPhone camera

No doubt is the star of the day, of the week and of the end of this 2016, them new Google Pixel are next to to the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy Note 7 them terminals more highlights of this end of year, leaving of side to them terminals Chinese by excellence. And one of them paragraphs more prominent of them new Pixel, against all forecast, has been its camera of photos, that already improved quite the year last, and that in this occasion is has placed as the best of the market, surpassing to pesos heavy as them new iPhone and the Galaxy Note 7. We are going to see a comparison against 7 iPhone Google Pixel camera .

Yesterday same, nothing more present is them new Google Pixel, knew that his camera is had perched to it high of them best cameras of photos of the panorama mobile, overcoming so to them cameras more advanced until the time, as were the of the HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Comparison of the camera from the camera of the Google Pixel

As one of the most anticipated to push the quality of the Google Pixel camera comparisons is certainly not, which faces the new iPhone 7, which also boasts great camera, although it has failed to live up to the best. Today we do eco of a comparative made by Phandroid that puts front facing the camera of both terminals.

In these images we can see different scenes captured at the same time (more or less) with both phones, capturing the details in a similar environment.

cámara del Google Pixel

As is can see in the image of them housings, the photo taken with the camera of the Google Pixel offers some tones more warm, and with greater contrast between lights and shadows. For its part the of the iPhone 7 are shows slightly more bright and with a tone more cold. Something that is repeated in the rest of images.

cámara del Google Pixel

As regards the detail, is very similar the captured by both cameras, in the photo of the Pokemon GO Plus can see a level of detail very similar, while is keeps the tone slightly more warm of the camera of the Google Pixel.

cámara del Google Pixel

Finally, the image with light of Fund, in which can see them windows and what there is out of the enclosure us offers more detail in the Pixel, being more clear the image of the exterior and a time more with a color more warm that the iPhone 7.

cámara del Google Pixel
cámara del Google Pixel

In summary accounts, both cameras make pictures very similar, but perhaps the best balance of color and detail of the Pixel decanted the balance in favour of the terminal of Google.

The article comparative of the camera of the Google Pixel facing it of the iPhone 7 are published in MovilZona.

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