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Come to light the first render of the new LG G6

2016 is already infringing on the mobile scene, so currently all our attention is directed to the new ships that will begin to reach the market in just a few weeks. We already know that Samsung and Huawei will show its new terminals star in the spring of 2017 but before the Galaxy S8 or Huawei P10 should know the New LG G6.

Say that the LG G5 us left to all wrapped in a mix of surprise and disappointment is something evident, as equal of evident is that the current terminal star of the signature Korean never has arrived to take off at all. Therefore, that the firm has high hopes for this LG G6 to probably be submitted sooner than expected in 2017.

LG is already working on the New LG G6, a device that will leave behind the present in LG G5 modular design to present a more classical and commercial with high-end specifications model according to the rumors. In the last hours is has filtered which would be the first render of the phone mobile that us comes of the hand of the journalist specialized in telephony ShaiMizrachi, who already in the last us gave to know them first details of the LG G5.

First details of the new LG G6

According to the new image posted by the journalist, on the LG G6 we would be faced with a design similar to the LG G5, for the good or for the bad. (According to the data provided, the next ship logo of LG would be a little more small that the G5 72,43 mm vs 73.9 mm). Although there is no way of forming these data, it would also be thinner than its predecessor.

lg g6

Unfortunately, not there is information on if finally LG will keep it classic modularity of the LG G5 that seems to not have been able of conquer the heart of the community technological, or if mount a battery removable as which have could see the LG V20. To know all these details will have to wait a few more weeks.

Although is has filtered this first render of the LG G6, still not have any clarification on the list full of features that will give form to the new smartphone of the brand. What itself have is the usual compendium of rumors appeared in the network that accompany to them moments before of a new launch. According to these leaks, would be before a smartphone that would mount a screen of 5.2 to 5.5 inches, probably with QHD resolution, as well as the processor Snapdragon 821 (or even the Snapdragon 830), 4 or 6 GB of RAM and a dual camera as that found on the LG V20.

The article out to the light the first render of the new LG G6 is published in MovilZona.

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