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Cloobing, the key to book tracks or gym, debuts on the web. Soon, on your tablet

Cloobing is a new portal that arrives to cover a vacuum important and that all those fans to the sport and the activity physical, with a life digital more or less intense, will appreciate. If in times, find a place to play to the paddle, to the golf or perform something of exercise in a gym is returns complicated, with this new tool can book shift are where are, performing some simple steps.

As mentioned our companions of MovilZona, have could be aware of the huge work e investment of all type of resources that has supposed the development of Cloobing before its premiere, since one of them architects of the tool is a person close, Javier Sanz, director of the Group ADSLZone; who together with Borja Rodríguez has since those media for brand new what today is the product end; in a web (soon to be Android and iOS applications) quite intuitive, easy to use and with more than 3,000 sports centres linked to it.

You need to track of paddle tennis, golf or gym, Cloobing makes it very easy has all the information essential to your reach to know them centers sports close to your location and can book track u time in the gym of mode very simple. All locals who appear on the page have their own tab and show ratings from users, prices and hours available, form which we will have to just make a simple Search based on our needs and all the options listed appear us within reach.

Cloobing herramienta buscar gimnasios

Besides them searches that can carry to out, have in the own home of Cloobing those places that more reserve them others users and also which have with a best valuation, next to reviews, by what it information about the quality of the offer is complete and detailed. Of course, them reserves is can pay through the page (Paypal is one of them collaborators), without any type of expenditure of management. All the system is encrypted so that the data personal remain to except.

The app Cloobing in iOS and Android, question of a couple of weeks

Our colleagues from ADSLZone we offer an advancement of the interface that Cloobing will show in iOS and Android. Same philosophy that the web: make that the book in a club or Center sports, not can be more simple. Only is necessary register us with a mail electronic and password (or features of Facebook if it prefer) make the search precise and book.

cloobing aplicacion android iOS

For more information about this tool, you can take a look and follow the proposal of Cloobing on their Facebook and Twitterprofiles.

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