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Clip Layer: It works conveniently with texts on your tablet Android thanks to Microsoft

Although Android and iOS are the platforms more used in the segment of them tablets today, Microsoft has an experience in certain services and applications of which other developers only can can learn. Today I speak of a tool exceptionally useful to work all those that work with texts, writing and editing, in their tablets Android. Clip Layer makes the process of copying and cutting much easier than it ever was on a touch screen.

We have been saying it with insistence, large format touch device, as it is conceived from the first iPad, passed through the proliferation of Android tablets from numerous manufacturers, need to seek new formulas to become productive, at the same time that give access to the complete catalog of current applications. While Microsoft moves from one end, make Google and Apple from the other. It only remains to see who arrives before the Centre.

Clip Layer, download and installation

We have known this application thanks to our colleagues from The free Android, and we felt a great tool to share with you, the users of tablets that sometimes you maldeciréis how complicated it is to copy and paste text on a screen using tactile functions, when a mouse would very much facilitate the task. For now, Clip Layer is not for download in Google Play, but their APK can get it by following this link.

WP-Appbox: Clip Layer (free, Google Play) →

Basically, we will replace the access to Google for Clip Layer after a long press on the home button of your terminal. In this way we will be launching the Clipboard and text that we have on display will be divided into blocks so that we only have to press on which you want, copy and paste. If we learn to use the application with a split screen of Android 7.0 (for those who have the latest version), will gain much agility when handling texts.

Microsoft, one of the best Android developers

We don’t know if Microsoft’s strategy of BREW services on Android is giving many fruits to the firm of Redmond, however, users of Google’s mobile platform if that brings you great benefits. Several of their applications, and even the possibility of replacing all the GApps by Microsoft and getting a small ecosystem with them on our Android tablet have already spoken you on other occasions.

Of course, in regard to productivity-oriented tools, Microsoft has much to offer us.

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