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Chuwi LapBook: take contact in video with the new handset firm

From makes some days, already is in the market this Chuwi LapBook, the first portable of the company Chinese that uses some components very similar to them of their tablets. Having said that, it is possible to find traits typical of light device, especially in the RAM and the processor, however, to sit at a table and writing, with its large screen and a classical construction of notebook, get large doses of comfort once in task.

Not is the first company that it makes. Days ago we told you about EzBook 2, which probably Chuwi has inspired to check this LapBook, who used own a Tablet components enclosed in the body of a laptop to get a price really out-done, below even the 200 euros. Not is can expect great performance, however, will serve to work comfortably in Exchange for a modest amount and seems that, without screen touch, the X 5 Z8300 of Intel goes rather more fluid. For those who aspire to a little more than power also there is a variant with the Z8350, somewhat more expensive, in Gearbest.

Chuwi LapBook: the best and the worst

Cris G, responsible for the medium TechTablets, has recorded a video with the team in which as well as take a look at its outward appearance, it offers enough content as to create a first impression. Most importantly, from our point of view, is that everything works reasonably correctly. The keyboard and trackpad, (especially the second) are efficient, the screen gets to cancel quite a few reflections and, as say, the combination of the Intel ATOM X 5 Z8300 and 4 GB of RAM to 1066 Mhz do bad work.

It worse perhaps it found in the design, all plastic, with a frame of the screen side more thick that the another and without shortcuts in the keys for regular the brightness. On the other hand, the audio seems not be nor of great quality, while in a display not-IPS, the angles of visibility horizontal are quite limited.

Prices of reference of the team

As say, it fundamental is that by 172 euros can have to our disposal a laptop of a company of confidence, that works correctly and that even is allows some that another Flash of quality. If our budget is slightly more elevated, the version with the Z8350, is can get by some 223 euros. That Yes, we have not made a thorough sweep of all stores where you can buy and perhaps time for the Black Friday memberships any more interesting offerings.

The Chuwi LapBook article: touchdown on video with the new handset of the firm was published in TabletZona.

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