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Chuwi HiBook Pro: our in-depth analysis. The best display at a low cost?

Last week we had to spend time with the Chuwi HiBook Pro, one of the last terminal of the emerging Chinese firm which, on this occasion, bet on a 2 K screen, keeping most of the other virtually identical specifications. Is evident that the product wins in terms of image and multimedia, but what occurs with those other paragraphs? Is perceptible the deficit of power and autonomy as consequence of a higher resolution?

We must not allow ourselves to lead to error. The Chuwi HiBook Pro not is best to the model standard, simply power other qualities. This device is the real proof that a screen with higher pixel density affects the performance and the autonomy of the set. It is not that the difference is overwhelming, but is there and forces us to decide what is what is more appealing: a magnificent display or a little more softness and level of response.

Chuwi HiBook Pro: big screen but at the expense of what

As you say, the difference is noticeable, although it is true that most of the benchmarks are just sensitive to it. For example, in AnTuTu have yields really even, 55,700 vs 57,300, or of 1065 vs 991 points in 3DMark. But where it is perceived that something doesn’t work just to run Windows 10, a system that requires more resources and that sometimes works to jumps if we try to do a minimally heavy job.

HiBook Pro 2K marco pantalla

The autonomy is the other paragraph in that the this variant Pro penalty with respect to the model original; and is is that consumption is significantly higher. While the terminal with screen Full HD is keeps running in the test of PCMark until almost 8 hours, our unit of resolution Quad HD is remains in them 6 hours.

A team that is worth more than it costs

All the drawbacks that we can put to this tablet 2 in 1 go away almost at a stroke if you say that you can get for the modest price of € 180. We know, few terminals there is that move in that range and also maintain a construction of high quality (all metal), and are able to offer a technology so advancedscreen. This Chuwi HiBook Pro glass is laminated, so it looks much thinner that in its predecessor, reduced reflexes, accurate colors and provides an experience more immersive.

HiBook Pro 2K Principales puertos

If you want to know more details about this 2 in 1 tablet, you can read our in-depth analysis by following this link.

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