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Chrome “turbo” for Snapdragon, with mode night and gestures

Again, the sphere of development of Android gives us what the companies themselves cannot. Google Chrome browser to do as possible, but taking the base of Chromiun, they have released a version “turbo” for those who have a Snapdragon, in addition to some other added as a mode night and gestures control.

Taking the base of Chromium, Arter97, one of the best known developers of the alternate universe of Android, has created a browser Chrome that can put the nicknameturbo”. So it have baptized us-not is the name official since, actually, not it has-.

This browser that you can download and install from the link below, increases performance and speed on smartphones that have a Snapdragon processor, especially those of the 800 and 600 series. In concrete, the list of terminals that are fully compatible – but it is not exclusive, is where the developer has been able to prove it – is:

  • Moto G4
  • Moto G4 Plus
  • HTC A9
  • HTC Desire 820
  • Huawei P8 Lite
  • ASUS ZenFone 3
  • ASUS Ultra 3 ZenFone
  • Sony Xperia X
  • Alcatel OneTouch 3 Idol

If want to contribute your granite of sand and comment with Arter97 if you goes well in your terminal, here can do it in the forums of XDA Developers.

Configuring this new browser Chrome “turbo” for Snapdragon

Once we have installed it will appear to us the possibility of entering your Google account to have at hand all the data such as passwords, or the possibility to keep safe our navigation and receive security updates that we will arrive as if we had a normal Chrome .

modo noche chromium arter97

If entered in those settings can see as the options of Chrome have increased- and although not have the “rush” of speed by have a Snapdragon, can enjoy them with others processors-. Now we can see things like “night mode“, that what it does is to invert the colors of the websites, especially the white backgrounds and black letters. This will allow us that if we open a page from the bed, for example, we do not feel as melt us the pupils.  But only affects to them elements of text and funds, by what the images are going to continue seeing them without problems and without them colors inverted.

gestos chromium arter97

Also, also have to our disposal them gestures on the screen, with elements as the possibility of return to a page earlier only with slide the finger towards the right.

Stability, speed and performance that added Arter97 to this version of Chrome make it, without a doubt, the best alternative to the official Google Chrome we have seen to date, and certainly we invite you to probéis today itself and we can give your opinion.

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