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Changes in the conditions of Telstra contracts as of February 16

Telstra, once it has been absorbed by Másmovil, facing the new year with a large number of changes starting with the application of change of coverage of Movistar to Orange. This change is accompanied by a renewal of the terms of the contracts of Telstra which will begin to be effective from February 16 for new customers, and from 16 March to the users of the company.

Másmovil property company canceled its contract with the service last year and signed a new agreement with Orange to enhance the coverage of its clients. Precisely now these customers will have to benefit from the changes announced today the company and that will affect all Telstra contracts from the coming month.

Telstra will not allow to do Tethering

Sure that on more than one occasion you’ve used this feature on your mobile device and or you’ve noticed. Tethering involves sharing the network connection through our phone, bringing connectivity to other devices via USB, Bluetooth or generating a Wi-Fi access point. Thus other devices can access the network through the mobile connection of our smartphone.

In the new conditions of Telstra contracts indicated expressly as follows:

“Is not allowed, use of the service of voice and/or access to mobile Internet, involving, with character and not limited to, any of the following or similar practices” […] “The transfer or sharing of the use of the services of Internet access in mode mobile through, among others, different devices or terminals which have inserted the SIM card provided by Telstra and, especially, with devices or lines associated or belonging to operators other than Telstra.”

In case of make a use not allowed as the indicated, the company could adopt measures technical, economic or legal that considers appropriate for the protection of their interests and them of its network and of the service. This is summarized in the browsing speed could be reduced to 16 kbps, monitor data traffic or change your rate Yoigo.

Other changes in contracts for Telstra

According to section 9.5, relating to the quality of the service offered by Telstra, “will be provided a resolution and optimized for the consumption of multimedia services in mobile devices (aprox.480p, 500 Kbps) in order to ensure the quality of the Internet access service”. This does not mean anything more than consumed by the data network only videos are played at 480 p and with a maximum bandwidth of 500 Kbps, i.e. streaming will be “castrated”.

In addition, other important changes detected in the terms of the contracts of Telstra tell us our colleagues from RedesZone is the impossibility of manually changing the network about which works the terminal (choosing between forcing Movistar and Orange) and limitation of calls an hour and a half or 6 hours in case of calls to different numbers.

The article changes in the conditions of Telstra contracts as of February 16 was published in MovilZona.

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