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Change the course of traditional tales in Frogged King´s

When we present games that appear in the catalogues of applications over time, I discussed that in many cases, ideas that use developers are straight out of big film franchises or events that changed the course of history. However, a range of games reaching the thousands of titles, gives as a result used many other varied topics to get works of all kinds.

Tales of life also appear to have its place among the new formats of the applications but also games side as Frogged King´s. Then you have more about it and how is trying to position is between them users doing a mix between elements comic, action and adventure. Will it be enough to arouse the interest of the public?


The main idea of this title, whose full name is Frogged King´s Way Back Home, is the get the King, transformed into a Toad, and the Queen, converted into an evil witch, to return to his human State. To achieve this goal, will have to find their respective crowns over scenarios of stories ranging from lush forests to desert wastelands.

frogged king´s pantalla


Its developers say that this game is ideal for the whole family. This translates into a series of levels with good visual and sound effects in which violence is something non-existent and that they will have to pick up a multitude of objects such as coins. On the other hand, between 25 scenarios will find secondary missions that will rely on the puzzle solving. On the other hand, the enemy also will have different aspects and will be inspired in characters of a great fan of stories.


Frogged King´s does not have any price at the time of download it as usual. Released just a few days ago, at the moment it did not exceed 50,000 downloads. Among the most valued aspects are its accomplished ambience and very simple operation. However, has also been criticized by other points as the integrated shopping, which are not excessive to reach 2.89 eurosmaximum, but in many cases, are essential to continue with the games.

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Do you think that games designed for the whole family, at least in appearance, and as it happens in this case, may get a greater acceptance in the future? You have more information about similar grouped into lists so you can get to know more options available.

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