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Chainfire manages the root in the Google Pixel in spite of it security in Android Nougat

The wait is over. Chainfire has finally assert his gift. The developer has made know to the Android community that root in the Google Pixel is possible with the CF Root. Despite initial skepticism, has been completed to confirm that new smartphones of the search engine are vulnerable and may obtain the permissions of root on Android 7.0 Nougat. However, the team of development, with Chainfire to the head, has advanced that the technique to achieve it is complex.

After presenting Android N, now known as Android 7.0 Nougat, and subsequently launched the various Beta versions, the community behind the Scene faced another challenge more. We talk about getting the root in Android Nougat, and more specifically the root in the Google Pixel, the new smartphone own-brand Finder. In recent months, there was speculation about the impossibility of achieving infringe the kernel of the new version of Android because of the layers and security measures imposed by the Internet giant software engineers.

Root in the Google Pixel, it is possible to

However, the popular developer, known under the nickname Chainfire, has shed light on the matter. And it is that as you can see in the timeline of your Twitteraccount, the person behind the project of the app SuperSU has announced that it has achieved the root in the Google Pixel. With this feat seem to finish are the rumors about the impossibility of root Android 7.0 Nougat.


-Chainfire XDA (@ChainfireXDA) October 27, 2016

As we move, the process to get the permissions of root in the Google Pixel is not easy task. So we can read it tweets published by Chainfire subsequently to the news. Thus, this only fact is a sign that the root in the Google Pixel is possible. Now lies ahead the development and compilation of tools that make the process more accessible to the general public.

There are other methods to root Android 7.0

However, the news can lead to since deception than about 7.0 Android root Nougat, and more specifically in the Google Pixel, it was already possible. Thus we can see it in the cradle of the Scene, the forums of XDA, which shows information about a tool that makes it possible to the root in the Google Pixel. It is of the program Skipsoft Android Toolkit, a software that, as explained in this thread, incorporates support for them Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

Chainfire object manages the root in the Google Pixel despite security in Android Nougat was published in MovilZona.

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