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Cascade: Solve hundreds of puzzles on a tropical island

The games of intelligence that combine puzzle with puzzles of all type, have got a position very comfortable in the catalogues of applications. Titles as Candy Crush, that was one of the first in appear in tablets and smartphones of all the world, have served of inspiration for developers that is have released to create their own works inspired in the saga of King that already has with several deliveries to their backs.

However, and as have reminded in other occasions, an increase in the offer of titles that share a thematic similar, can give place to certain saturation in which the task of offer something novel with what keep to the public, is becomes in something more complicated. In this context appear titles such as Cascade, which has recently landed on Google Play and that you then have their characteristics.


We found in an island tropical and us put in the skin of a character called Jasper. Our mission is to combine different objects that will appear on each stage to unlock barriers that prevent us from exploring a paradise. Using unions a lot of jewelry or fruit at every level, we can get the scores that will serve us to unlock certain achievements and awards.

cascade escenario


As in the case of Candy Crush and other similar-themed games, we can not expect great graphics or sound effects that are common in other genres. However, this is compensated for by a very simple handling that will allow us to control our character by simply sliding the different objects on the screen over 400 levels. The social component also has an important cascade, since we share through networks like Facebook all of our progress and compete against users from all over the world.


Cascade has no initial cost, what has served for more than 5 million users in just a few days. However, it is being heavily criticized in aspects as their Purchasing integrated, up to 110 euros by element and bug when updating to prevent it from running the game. On the other hand, has been valued at points such as the inclusion of new scenarios.

WP-Appbox: Cascade (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Cascade (free*, App Store) →

Do you think that titles such as Cascade will have a greater acceptance among the public? do you think that already we are witnessing certain saturation also in the puzzle game genre? You have available more information about similar games such as Jungle Cubes so you can say to yourselves.

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