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Can a location as Zenly app be useful?

A few applications which can be very useful but who have been through the catalogs of applications without the noise that others such as social networks or the most downloaded games, are those aimed at Geolocation. This type of platforms arouses the suspicions of many users who want to have well-defined boundaries between privacy and that large companies know few details about them, but that may also be helpful when visiting unknown places.

Among the more than million two hundred thousand titles on Google Play, is also a place for GPS -based tools and whose offer, nor to increase. This is the case of Zenly, which we then its salient features and, according to its developers, offering more than the position in which we find ourselves.


The idea of Zenly is very simple. Real time, allows us to know our position on the map accurately know our coordinate and obtain more information about the place where we are, and also, know where are our friends or relatives ever if they have a profile created on this platform. An of them strengths that used its creators at the time of talk of the app, is the made of that, to first view, reduces greatly the consumption of battery that traditionally goes linked to the activation of the GPS.

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Other salient features of Zenly is the fact that among the data that we know the people around us, it is the charge level of your devices. On the other hand, various terminals can be synchronized so that the geolocation is possible both in tablets and smartphones. As a story, to a location, we can send and receive emojis.


Zenly not has no cost, what of time, le has served to position is between an of the news with more downloads during this week in Google Play. With more than one million users, has been valued positively in fields as a simple interface to handle, however, contrasts with a visual design unattractive and some errors when it comes to show the actual location of other people.

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You think that Zenly can be a good option to other apps similar? You have available more information about other tools based on the location so that you can say to yourselves.

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